Die Gothic-Metal Band Tristania kommt aus Norwegen und hat gerade ihre aktuelle CD WIDOW`S WEEDS veröffentlicht. Dark Heart sprach mit Morten Veland von TRISTANIA:

DH: What is the meaning of TRISTANIA?

TRISTANIA: The name TRISTANIA doesn`t have any concrete meaning. At that time we were looking for a band-name we realized it was totally impossible to come up with a name that wasn`t already taken. So we took starting point in a norwegian word for sadness, gave it a new ending and we ended up with TRISTANIA. A sombre/melancholic name, but above all a name that noone else has ever used.

DH: If I would describe your music, I would say that it combines elements of Gothic and metal. Do you think that you are a GOTHIC or a METAL band?

TRISTANIA: Versaillity is very important for us and we make use of lots of different elements in our music. If I should put our music in a certain category I would describe it as: Romantic Symphonic Goth-Metal.

DH: Your CD WIDOW`S WEEDS contains only nine songs, but everyone is very good and impressive. Do you think that less is better than worse?

TRISTANIA: Quality before quanitity. But most of our songs are about 7-8 minutes long, so nine songs would make a full lengh-album, I guess.

DH: I like your song December Elegy very much. What is the meaning of this song?

TRISTANIA: We take our music very seriously as well as the lyrics are very personal to me. My lyrics are written in very indirect way and secreted by the use of metaphores and symbolism. So it`s very much up to the listeners to get some kind of meaning out of them at all. I have my interpretation of December Elegy, but it`s up to everyone else to make up theirs.

DH: Your music seems to me very dark. Is your music a reflection of your lifes?

TRISTANIA: I create all my music when I`m depressed. That`s the only time I feel like putting words/music to my feelings. And this is reflecting very clearly through our music, `cause it`s the dark sides in life we can identify ourselves with, and it is the Dark Romantic we seek ...

DH: How important is music for you?

TRISTANIA: Music is very important to me. It`s one of the two things I breathe and exist fo.

DH: Which other bands do you like?

TRISTANIA: There are a lot of great bands in the underground-scene, as some of my favourites I can mention: Type O Negative, Fields Of The Nephilim, Tiamat, Samael, Moonspell, Theatre Of Tragedy, Dimmu Borgir and many more.

DH: Will there be a tour from TRISTANIA through Europe and Germany?

TRISTANIA: There are plans for a European tour with TRISTANIA, Siebenbürgen and Otyg. But it`s not quite decided when it will take place yet.

DH: Something to say at last?

TRISTANIA: To all Dark Heart readers: Fare thee all well, and may thy existance grant thee strengh to fortify what thou lives for ...