Trisomie 21

DH: You are now very long in the music business. Are there any changes in the last few years? Do you remember sometimes the time when beginning with Trisomie21?

We remembered of the pass but we dont like looking back ; in the last few years all and nothing change, there is a new musician : Martin Blohorn (programming) and a new manager :Olivier Lechevestrier but Trisomie 21 is always the same, new musician, new way but the same spirit.

DH: Is there today another kind of working together than in the first years? Do you use the new technical equipment or do you wish sometimes to go back to the early days for some reason?

Now for happy mystery child , T21 use vintage keyboards, digital mixer and direct to disk, we use technology who help the song.

Its simple to work together because we have a knowledge together, we cant cheat, we know ourself if the emotion is true, happy mystery child is a new way for us, we try a new approach of the music for T21 : refrain structure with melody, we try to say something to anyone.

DH: Your new CD is called "Happy Mystery Child". What is the CD about? What exactly is the "Happy Mystery Child"? Is this a concrete person in your lifes?

Happy mystery child, its a joke with the title of our first album the rest of happy childs , we rebirth, its a new beginning.

DH: Why do you wait so long releasing the new CD? Which are the reasons for releasing the new CD after seven years?

We have to much problems with Pias, after the album Gohohako , we decided to wait the end of the contract, now we are free, for us Trisomie21, its now.

DH: Again on "Happy Mystery Child" are a lot of good songs. Where do get the ideas for your songs? Where do you get the ideas for the lyrics?

Thank you for the good songs , the basis of our music is our vision of the world, we just take a look around us, the music translate the feeling, we are alive and conscient of being.

The lyrics are autobiographical but there are not necessary importants, they are like dialogue in a movie, they serve the story.

DH: I like very much the song "Personal Feelings" on your new CD. Tell us something about this song. When do you had the idea for this song and what is the song about?

Personnal feeling talk about the process of creation, people are very critical with electro music, they say with the machine its a no human music.

We say our source of inspiration, it all we see, all we heard, all we read, we are alive and dont live shut up, we seat down and we forget what we know, we remember just emotions about life.

DH: Your CD will be released in two versions - a normal digipack album and a digipack triple album "The Man Is A Mix" that contains a lot of remixes. What is the reasons for releasing this limited edition digipack triple album? Do you like remixes?

We are pround of our project Man is a mix , its a party of ourself, its a link between two styles, two worlds, the electro dark underground and us, its an experience, we want to gather all people, music is not a religion, it human beeing, no god,no chief.

DH: When recording your new songs do you sometimes had in mind that your songs should be usable for the clubs?

Not really we try a new emotionnal experience with our process of composition, we try to do something new for us.

Each album is a new face of our universe happy mystery child is a concept album, the most reflected and elaborate, the most open too, hmc is for us the most valuable album because it look like we wanted to do.

DH: After 25 years Trisomie 21 will there be an end? Or do you think that you`re still making music in 25 years? By the way - congratulations!

As long as we have mind to share the emotion ,T21 will play.

DH: Are you planning to play live in Germany? Will there be a tour?

We still make few date in germany, with a great pleasure, we have a good feeling with people in this country, we play in karlsruhe, in the Mera Luna festival ; for more information,your readers can go to trisomie .

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best and much success with your new CD. And now your famous last words to our readers please:

Thank you for your interest to Trisomie 21, we hope your readers like the last T21, come to our concert, well be simply together, flesh and blood.

For T21: Philippe Lomprez.
Interview: Andreas Ohle