DH: Tell us something about Siddharta. When and how was the band founded? Which musicians are involved in Siddharta?

Oh, we are a band of 6, namely two guitars, bass, drums, saxophone and keyboards. We started off 10 yrs ago, actually yesterday, on 17th March we celebrated our 10th anniversary. In the beginning we were an ordinary rock set (guitars, bass, drums, vocal) but later on keyboards and saxophone were introduced to richen the sound and break some barriers.

DH: Your music sounds to me very dark an 100% pure rock. Which are the reasons for you playing such dark music? Are you inspired by other bands in the past?

Of course we have been inspired by many bands and kinds of music, but we don't consider our music dark. Well, there are some darker songs, but there are also some very bright parts to balance the atmosphere. I think it works like this: if you want to show something positive, something bright, you should first define dark. And that's what is going on with our music - change of emotions. But on the other hand, yeah, we don't want to sound like a very happy band. The art is always born in darkness and then it searches its way out of it - to the bright side. I reckon our musical influences such as Metallica, Faith No More, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Queen etc., at their best, don't sound much brighter than us.

DH: In the last few years Siddharta had a lot of success. How do you handle this success? Is it sometimes a problem for you being such popular?

Oh, you won't believe that, but we've had no problems with that whatsoever. Ok, you might say we are popular, but we haven't had serious issues with public scrutiny. Slovene fans are very well behaved and trully respect us the way we respect them. We can walk the streets or go to pubs without any fear. The most you could experience is a fan politely asking for an autograph, but mostly you just hear some whispering and giggling behind your back telling you that you've been recognized.

DH: Had there been any pressure on you recording the new album "Rh-" because of your popularity?

Not really. We are much aware of our musical potential and we haven't said the last word yet. The popularity doesn't get under our skin. Our main goal has always been to produce good music, no matter what everyone else thinks. I believe that people respect that, well, they've shown it over the past years. We've been sincere and it has paid off.

DH: Again "Rh-" contains a lot of good new songs deep from the heart of darkness. How long did you record the new album? Had there been a special atmosphere in the recording studio?

Oh yeah, special atmosphere is a nice euphemism :) We had some hard times doing it and it took us 6 months. We had to rerecord drums, first mixes sounded like crap, some of us broke up with their better halves etc. so you can imagine everyone spilled some blood over this album.

DH: Who writes the songs? Is there only one person writing them or do you write them all together?

The main songwriter has been Tomi, with a little help from Tomaz and Primoz, but that's as far as the main idea goes. The final sound and arrangement is the production of us all.

DH: I like very much the song "My Dice"? What is the song about? How do you get the idea for recording this song?

Generally, we don't want to interpret our songs, but rather we let every listener to depict their own image and idea of our songs. But it's funny that this song appeared to be the most difficult one, in all aspects: we couldn't record guitars, Tomi had no inspiration to write the lyrics, mix sounded bulky and messy, all in all it seemed like a cursed song. Finally we worked it out.

DH: When will Siddharta hit Germany again with a tour? Are there concrete plans for a tour in Germany? Do you like playing live more than recording a new album?

Oh, we would like to go on stage as soon as possible, after all we are a live band. Right now we are in the middle of tour discussions, so hopefully we will have some gigs up in Germany in Spring and Summer, but more likely the main tour will take place in Autumn 2005.

DH: Which are your plans after releasing "Rh-"? Do you record new songs? Will there be a new single out?

We plan to release a new single in early Summer or even late Spring and we want to play as many live shows as possible all over Europe. But let's wait and we'll see - hopefully each other very soon at some venue :)

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best for the future. Your famous last words to our readers please:

Thanks for all your support so far and best wishes. Visit one of our shows and we bet your blood will run boiling. Hope to see you soon! / SIDDHARTA

Interview: Andreas Ohle