DH: First, tell us something about your development as musicians. How long does Retractor exist and when and how did you meet? How did you get the idea for the name of the group?

We been friends for almost 12 years, and we meet thru a good friend of us in Puerto Rico since . In 1990 for some reason our lives split , Anthony went to lived in France and Milton decide to study music in Puerto Rico .Then 9 years later we meet again at a records store out of the middle of know where . with a pure coincidence. but we actually we start Retractor in 2003. We pick the name of Retractor from watching a open heart surgery documentary. In order to open the human chest cavity they use a surgical instruments for holding tissues away from the field of operation which is called retractor.

DH: Which roots in a musical sense do you have? Are you an electro or an industrial band?

We have a very wide musical taste from Synthpop ,darkwave up to the most obscure stuff like dark electro and Military pop or Noise .But we consider Retractor more Dark Electro Noise. Real Industrial music are bands like White house, Chris & Cosey, Throbbing Gristle, NoN, Einsturzende Neubauten , ect.....

DH: Your music is purely harsh and aggressive electro. Why did you decide to make such music? Is this aggression something that comes deep from your mind?

Yes it is ! we like the energy that we can absorb and how much stress we can take out . we make songs that reflects what ever we had gone thru ! And we write our emotions on a paper to see our evil and good side .From that ! we discover the power to challenge anybody without affecting our lives.

DH: Your new CD is called "No Resistance". Is this your first release or had there been other releases before? How did you get the deal with your label Black Flames Records? First we did the remix for Agonoize " Open the Gate" released under BLC.Productions. Then we form part of the experimental compilation series of Interbreeding IV and VI. Releasing Psycho Vs. Killer and The March to Stalingrad. Then we got recommended to submit our demo to Black Flames Records .Where immediately took the attention and make us part of the label . From there we decide to make our Debut Album.

DH: A lot of songs on the CD are very dark and apocalyptic. Is this a reflection of your lives and of the society in which you are living? Do you want to provoke with your music? Where do you get the ideas for your songs? Are music and lyrics influenced by science fiction topics? What do you think about the future of human society?

Our songs are made by many questions that we have in our minds. How good and bad we can be ? Does the world will come to an end ? How can we survive in a world with so much greediness and hate? We like to give a message "Time has prove us that we need negative and positive ideas in order to co-exist with others! We don't think to much about the future , we live in a daily basis trying to make the best we can everyday ,and we take life as we go taking us in a journey making decisions thru our destiny. As far human race it will continue to an evolution with technology until some galaxy explosion exterminate the planet.

Yes we write music with the influence of human history ,and science fiction. the samples and the structure identifies our sound texture. we like to do shifting tempos on each track .Our Elements are Digital Organs , Harsh Noise ,drums ,Trance Pads ,Techno Stabs ,Military Pop melodies , Industrial and Historic samples with Dark and Broken Poetry "That's Retractor Identity ".

DH: My favorite song on your CD is "One Man`s War". In which circumstances did you record this song? Are there any experiences that influenced you when recording this song?

We are glad that you like "One Mans War " is a very political and crucial song ! we didn't like anything about the war on Iraq . Their is only 3 reasons Religion, Freedom or Money and everybody has a different opinion. But in the other hand we realize this is just another chain reaction to many consequences that gives a balance to the world economy and the population of this planet. since many people die . In our Opinion we don't like the Iraqis bombings and we don't like the USA attacks in Iraq .Everything is wrong!

DH: If you could change the world, what would you do?

Split money equally in each country. In that way we can either kill or put the real bad people in Jail!

DH: How important is it for a band like Retractor that your songs can be played in a club? Are you making music for the dancefloor?

Yes and no! "Psycho vs.killer", "You Don't Know","Resistance" and "The March to Stalingrad" are very important the club orientation tracks . because is the key of success for electronic music. Thatís how Artists and a Dj's get recognize! Getting the every dancefloor full of people around the world. But we decide to change the wave of our Album experimenting with more listening tracks . Our Ep is to going to be more Dance floor oriented .

DH: Do you have contact with other electro bands? Are you collaborating together? Can you imagine to remix songs of another electro bands? Do you have any favorites?

Yes we had contact many electro bands and label band mates from Black Flames to do remixes exchanges but at this point we cant not provide names until is official . but it will be soon ! So far we will like to have remixes done by Agonoize since they are good friend of us ,also SITD, CombiChrist...ect... Plus their are some other big acts in the process.

DH: Which further plans do you have with Retractor in the near future?

Playing in Europe specially Germany! finish our Ep coming soon ! and continue making as many albums we can for Retractor .

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and much success. Your final words please:

Many Thanks to all, our fans and friends,for the support and great feedback . Andreas Thank you also for your time and for showing the interest on Retractor and see you guys soon... "Remember Their is no resistance"

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Interview: Andreas Ohle