The Provenance

DH: You are now very long in the music business. Are there any changes in the last few years? Do you remember sometimes the time when beginning with The Provenance?

True, we’re celebrating our tenth year in the harsh world of metalheads. The Provenance will always strive towards the original aims we’ve set musically but the forms tend to differ over the years. Of course we remember our provenance, but most of all we remember all of our influential bands from that time, like My Dying Bride, Änglagård, Fear Factory, Satyricon etc. What are these bands today but a mere image of what used to be…There are so many acts of today that completely sucks and The Provenance have become embittered by the metal scene of today. We’ve become roll-models of our own and people should really listen to us and get inspired for we are the true remains of dark music!

DH: Your music seems to me a kind of dark depressive gothic rock. Am I right? Why are you playing exactly this kind of music? Do you have influences in the past (any favourite bands for example) that lead you to this decision?

You can call it what you like, we really don’t care what one calls it. Why did you buy a Volvo and not a Fiat? We like the music we play, it’s as simple as that and there aren’t and should not be any other reason involved as to why one plays music. As stated above we had a lot influences back in the 90s, bands that opened our eyes to possibilities of all sorts and of course were among the reasons as to why we play what we do.

DH: How do you get the deal with your record label Scarlett?

That was a long time ago but some friends of ours had signed on to Scarlet Records and were kind enough to forward them as a tip. We sent our material to them, and lots of others, but Scarlet turned out to be the highest bidding offer for us. And that’s the story of how we ended up in the hands of some Italian madmen, hehe.

DH: Your new CD is called "How Would You Like To Spat At". What is the title about? What exactly do you want to express with this title?

Everyone keeps asking this question and to me it seems this title couldn’t be any clearer; it is one of the most condescending acts one can partake in, spitting at someone. It’s anger and rage put into action and it is also what we want to say to the entire world. We’re tired of being victims and now it’s time to show the world it shouldn’t have crossed our path for we will absolutely destroy it!

DH: Your sound seems to me more dark than ever before. Are there any reasons for sounding so dark and depressive this time? Are you in search for a perfect dark sound?

I think the album turned out to be this dark due to our bitter outlook on life. We carry a lot of anger and rescentment towards people of an unkind and unempathic lifestyle. And through our music we hope that at least some of these morons will kill themselves. Rid the world of their kind!

DH: In what mood you`re when recording a new song? Do you have dark feelings when recording and writing it?

To be honest, we’re always in a cheerful mood. Try and imagine the rehearsal studio with five depressive, grympy characters trying to work together. Quite an unrealistic picture is it not?! We are your everyday persons who find it stimulating making music together. You have to be able to provide a laugh over what it is you do or else we wouldn’t be as dark! Unfortunately there aren’t very many people that know what I’m trying to say within this narrow-minded scene.

DH: Again on "How Would You Like To Spat At" are a lot of good songs. Where do get the ideas for your songs? Where do you get the ideas for the lyrics? Tell us something about the process of writing a song.

The music usually is put together, involving everyone, after Tobias or Joakim has come up with an original idea to build on. The music is guitar-based as you might have figured but we’re all part of the writing process when push comes to shove. Personally I write lyrics all the time and at the later stages of the writing process we connect the lyric to the proper song and record. Although on this album I wrote all the lyrics for the album within a period of five days. I actually broke down completely and sat crying in a corner in my apartment for a couple of days. I was so devestated I couldn’t eat or sleep and on the fifth day Tobias came by to find me half dead whereupon taking me to hospital. I started to eat and sleep again but a big part of my persona is gone. That’s how dead serious I am with my writing.

DH: You Emma Hellström and Tobias Martinsson are the vocals of The Provenance. Is this a kind of challenge for you to be in front of the band? Are there any discussions who is singing a song when it is a new one?

There are always discussions on who is to sing what but we always chose on basis of what the song needs. There’s no competition between between the two if that’s what you’re asking.

DH: Do you have a "normal" life besides music or is music your life?

We all have to pay the rent at the end of the month…Yes, we have normal lifes outside the band, not that having a band is to be regarded as being special or un-natural in any regard. Having a band is to us as natural as being involved with sports, hobbies and such… The music is an outlet for our everyday frustrations and we only hope that someone else sees the glory in it.

DH: When will The Provenance play in Germany? Are you planning an European tour?

Hopefully soon, but as it is we have no booking agency to handle our affairs. Thus making it incredible hard finding time to put together something like a tour. We simply don’t have the time to fix everything ourselves. We have been meaning to land an agency contract but when we will come to Germany is still a story to be told.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best and much success with your new CD. Your famous last words:

Thank you for asking the questions and if anyone out there hesitates in believing ”How would you like to be spat at” is the greatest release ever within dark music; Go f-cking buy it! Also visit our website for further info on the band on Cheers, and eat some sheep brain will you!

For The Provenance: Joel Lindell

Interview: Andreas Ohle