More Machine Than Man

DH: As a begin could you please tell me a little bit about you and your artistically development. How did MMTM start out? Which members are involved In the project?

MMTM: Tasha and I [Tech] are the only members of More Machine Than Man. That's why we are called More Machine Than Man; there are ONLY TWO PEOPLE and a many, many machines!!! We are American artist/musicians. We have been in bands since we were young teenagers. We both have always been visually creative, as well as being musicians. Tasha was an artist and graphic designer. I was a photographer and videographer/editor.

DH: What is the meaning of MMTM?

MMTM: It is a quote from the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! Obi Wan is talking about Darth Vader to Yoda and Luke Skywalker. It is also a joke about an industrial band being comprised of more equipment than people.

DH: Your music sounds to me purely electro and industrial. Am I right? Why did you decide to make such kind of music?

MMTM: We think it is purely electro and industrial. But the type of industrial we LOVE is the old school, 90's industrial with noisy guitars and aggression. I'm not sure that the music that has been popular for the last few years is really industrial. I like VNV and Apop, but that is a little too pretty to be industrial.

DH: Your new EP is called "Binary Sex". Can you tell something about the release. How did you get the deal with Black Flames / e-noxe?

MMTM: BINARY SEX is an EP/single for our upcoming LP, STRANGER THAN FICTION. BINARY SEX features two new tracks, Why? and Tonight and several remixes. There are two versions of BINARY SEX for Europe and North America. Each has different remixes on it, from Syrian, Pigface, En Esch, Razed in Black, XP8, ERRA, CTRLer, Aslan Faction, Bozo Porno Circus.

DH: "Binary Sex" contains a lot of remixes. How do you get the idea of a remix EP? How do you get in contact with all the remixers / producers involved in the project?

MMTM: Some of the remixers were friends of ours. Others we were connected with by our label, and now have become friends with! We were so excited by the new material we are working on, that we wanted to release a few tracks while we finished the LP. So we released two of the new tracks we recorded with the production of En Esch of Slick Idiot and KMFDM on BINARY SEX.

DH: How important is it for you that your songs can be played in a club? Are you making music for the dance-floor?

MMTM: There is NO mainstream radio support for Goth/Industrial music in the USA. The only way for people to hear new music is at clubs, on the dance-floor. So in a business way, a industrial musician MUST have music played in the clubs to sell and grow as an artist. That said, all of our favorite music has always been kinetic and danceable. We like music that is both aggressive and heavy, as well as energetic enough to dance to. So as artists we strive to create the perfect blend of aggression and dance-floor energy.

EP Binary Sex

DH: There is a song on the EP called "Tonight" that I like very much. What is the meaning of this song?

MMTM: In an abstract sense, it is about exploring the desires of your id, your basest instincts. In a more literal sense, Tasha has a massive case of girl-lust for the fetish model, Masuimi Max. Tasha wrote that song about her lust for Masuimi Max.

DH: What is lyrical content of your music in general? About what topics do you sing and how do get the idea for a song? Tell us something about the process writing a song.

MMTM: Tasha and I don't always write songs in the same way. Sometimes a musical progression or beat will come first. Other times, a lyrical or vocal melody will be written first. Most of the time we both start vocal and musical ideas separately, that will magically fit perfectly into each other. We both write music, lyrics, and vocal melodies, and we always end up finishing ideas that the other started. We often write vocals and lyrics for the other to sing. Sometimes we are better at writing for each other than we are at writing for ourselves.

DH: All your songs have a very dark atmosphere. In which environment do you live that this produces such an atmosphere? Is your music a reflection of your life?

MMTM: We were both born and currently live in New England. This is the Northeastern region of the United States. It can be very warm and humid here in the summer and we have very cold, but beautiful, Spring and Autumn seasons. But New England has very long, very cold winters. New England has many Universities and High Tech Companies, so it is known to produce very intellectual people. But due to the harsh weather, New England also produces very rugged people. It is an unusual mixture of sophistication and hardness in the people here. It think the effect of our environment is reflected in our art/music.

DH: Are you planning to play live in Germany? How do you play your music live on stage? Is it not a problem in general to play electronic based music live on stage?

MMTM: We will be touring Europe in February 2005, to support the release of BINARY SEX. BINARY SEX debuted at # 10 on the French Alternative Charts. Tasha and I have both played in heavy metal bands, and then alternative bands, before we started creating electronic music. So we are both experienced in performing on stage. We are both actually musicians who can play and sing, instead of being 'musicians' who can only program virtual instruments. ALL live shows in this style of music require some playback, whether it is on a sequencer, computer, or tape. There are things in most industrial music that can't be played by a human. But we do play and sing live which adds real live energy to shows. Bands with a lot of vocals on playback sound perfect, but have no live energy.

DH: Which further plans do you have with MMTM in the near future? Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

MMTM: We are finishing our new LP, STRANGER THAN FICTION, and having a great time doing it. We are working with several producers, En Esch and Romell from Razed in Black. XP8 and MMTM will also be doing guest appearances on each others upcoming CDs. There are also several side projects and collaborations in the works for us.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and many success. Your last words please:

MMTM: Satan has sent us for your children!!!!!


Interview: Andreas Ohle