DH: When and how did Mago started out? Which musicians are involved in the project?

The first time I spoke about mago with hŚkan in 1999, I spoke about the aim to write more beaty music, not pure dance music but music with a groove. But along the path I discovered another subject that is for me connect to my original thoughts, the monotony . But maybe this made the project evolved in another direction, the slow beats came naturally when I started to work, also due to the overall soundscape I had in mind for the album. autumn 2001 I finally knew in what direction I wanted to go and I started to put the album together. With the contribution of hakan paulsson, ulrika carlsson and stephanie euler mago got finally shaped the way you hear it now.

DH: How would you describe your music in your own words?

I find that impossible to do. The thing with music is just that it isnít supposed to be described with words. If it would be possible, I wouldnít express myself in music, I would write words instead. To describe my music I would be forced to say stuff like, the music is made with electronic instruments and start comparing my music with other bands and bla bla bla and it would always feel wrong, it wouldnít say anything about the listening experience. I donít think itís possible to understand how music sounds by reading about it. You have to hear it. But after Iím such a nice guy I give it a try, even though I donít belive in it. Slow semimonotone thoughtful music, the closest I get, but how much does that say?

DH: Which releases are availabe from you?

"Definition of raw moments from a different perspective" is the first release by mago. I have also released cds with Sanctum, azure skies and parca pace. I of course can list that all here, but the easiest is to check where you also find mp3 that give you an idea of the music.

DH: Your CD "Definition of raw moments from a different perspective" has been released these days at the label Ad Noiseam. How did you find the label and how is the collaboration?

My first contact with ad noiseam was when nicolas asked me to contribute a track to his krach test compilation. Then I moved to berlin where most of the album was written, and got into closer contact with nicolas. I really like his enthusiasms about music and that he isnít focused on sticking to a certain genre or fulfilling any kind of stereotyp, but focuses instead on releasing interesting music. So far weíre all happy with the collaboration.

DH: Your CD seems to me very dark and opressive. Did the recordings take place in a special atmosphere or mood? How long did it take recording the CD?

I have worked in my mind on the mago album since 1999. But it wasnít before fall 2001 that I started to work more focused on the release, finished it summer 2002 and released it in october. concerning the location most of the material was written and recorded in berlin. To live in berlin probably had an impact on me but not in a dark and oppressive way. I had an idea with this album from the very beginning I have tried to get as close as possible to that idea. For me that idea wasnít anything about darkness. Thatís something that occurs in the meeting between you and the music. I can understand why that happens but personally I donít find the music so dark.

DH: I enjoy very much the song "Like Sand Ships Trough My Fingers". What`s the song about?

Basically itís about the fragility of life.

DH: The artwork of the CD is very attractive. Are there special reasons why the artwork is created in such a way? Should there have been a link to your music?

We consider the cover equivalent art work like the music. I put a lot of work, emotions and struggle into the music, so we wanted to do the same with the cover. Like the music it should get a personal touch. And especially the wish for honesty, less artificiality made us be little childlike.

DH: Are you playing live and how does a Mago gig look like? Are you planning to come to Germany?

Seeing us live adds a third dimension to mago, so it is definitely something we do. Or to be more precis, we think the best way to experience mago is live. We try to get away from one-guy- pressing-some-buttons-concerts to more-dimensional happenings on stage. That includes video and a more lively soundscape. I always enjoy playing in germany, but so far nothing is finalized for mago in your neighborhood.

DH: Which others plans do you have with Mago for the near future?

Iím working on a couple of basic ideas for a new mago album, but I now mainly try to focus on performing live and recordings for two of my other projects.

DH: Thanks for the interview.Your final words?

The pleasure was mine

Interview: Andreas Ohle