Los Los

DH: Hello Amigos, tell us something about Los Los. What is the story of your band?

We are Los Los-5 amigos from Chihuahua Dessert Mexico. We kidnaped the champion bull El Cavallo and now we were on the country's most wanted list, with 500,000 US dollars on our heads. So we left the continent in the dead of night - fleeing to bring Roque Metal to europe +++ gucci gucci baby+++ !

DH: How did you get the idea to call yourselves Los Los?

There was one very drunken hombre after a show of Ranchos Huevos who could not speak our bandname. He always said los aehmmm …. Los...? los… los... ?! hmm….. Los LOS…???

Si ! Los LOS!!!

DH: So your new CD is called Viva Los Los. Where did you record the album? How did you get in contact with Drakkar / Sony BMG?

We recorded in the Roque Metal Studios in Chihuahua Dessert Mexico. This is a lovely place - but it is very dusty and dirty. Maybe You know somebody who can come over, to help us to clean the studio.

When we escaped to Alemania, we went to a christmas party last year, because there was free drinking. After many good german cervezas we met Don Bogdan de Drakkar records and we became good amigos.

DH: Your music is very dark and mixes metal and gothic. Why did you decide to make such music? Do you have any influences in your childhood?

No influences ! We were born with our music. Roque Metal has come to us with the mothermilk.

DH: You come from Mexico. Is it a problem for a metal band to play in Mexico? Are the any clubs or concerts where metal is played?

It is difficult. No clubs- we just played in the streets or in the dessert. Sometimes in dusty bars. But mostly they don´t wanted to hear our music and our lyrics.

DH: There are some interesting cover versions on your CD like Vamos A La Playa, Macarena and The Ketchup Song. How did you get the idea to record the songs in a new dark style?

There are no cover versions on our album! All songs that you call "covers" have been written by our fathers and grandfathers!

And now we turned these songs back into the only original Roque Metal versions !! We don´t care what other people say.

DH: Are there only cover versions on your CD or are there self-composed songs on it, too? Who writes the songs in your band? Is there only one person who writes them all or do you all write the songs together?

Six songs on the album are brandnew and written by us. Look out for "mojito" or "la ilsla de los muertos" ... On the single macarena you can here a bonus track called "Los Los en Roque Metal". All of us are songwriters, but it is important that we have enough tequilla.

DH: I like very much the song “La Isla de Los Muertos”. What is the song about?

Oh, muchas gracias. Now I like it too.

One day, when we are rich enough, we will buy an own island and it will be called on all maps of the world " isla de los muertos" .And you can visit us with the "Barco Roque Metal" (the ship Roque Metal).

DH: Are you sometimes funny people? Is Viva Los Los a kind of CD with a humoristic aspect?

Of course we are funny hombres ! Aren´t our masks funny ? But our CD is dry and dusty - it is no humoristic !

Do you want to play live in Germany? Will there be a tour in Europe?

Si Si, we love playing live! On dec.16 we play in Essen City. And in jan./feb. we play a tour with another metalico band from Alemania.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and all the best.

Your famous last words to our reader please:

Mueve tu gucci, gucci baby !
Move your culo!
Viva Los LOS !

Interview: Andreas Ohle
Don Cabron - Los LOS