Last Influence Of Brain

DH: As a begin could you please tell me a little bit about your artistically development. How did Last Influence Of The Brain start out? Which musicians are involved?

S&B: LIOB is side project of SAMHAIN.SOLO works on vocal, compose of music, BOP making samples, synth, mix and BLAZENA live drum. At that time we did make industrial music as SAMHAIN. In November 1998 we stared experiences with new sounds as LIOB. Reason for making music was change style and support Slovak electro scene. We already changed two singers and one guitar person. Now, we are established as one team -SOLO, Blazena, Bop

DH: Why did you choose the name Last Influence Of The Brain? What do you want to express with the name?

S&B:To get in to listener subconscious, and keep deeply experience. That will be recall before brain collapse or trauma, look like retrieval or saving memory. Name want to say question : what is one second after death ?

DH: Your music seems to me as combining different styles like electro, industrial and futurepop. Can you describe your music style in your own words?

S&B:We are very like old EBM school and Industrial. Futurepop is new wave, which we dont prefer, but mixing of this stiles is very satisfied for us. I thing, our music is not specially and not new style like a some new wave, but our fans is happy with our sound. Maybe second CD, will be total different. We will see…

DH: Which influences do you have that you`re now making such music? Are the any favourite bands or experiences?

S: My main musically influences was bands from my early age. Previously was very creative scene and I thing, is it to hear on our album. I take from of this music all, what I like.

B: Me affection is all. Question is positively or negative? For example : NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, ELVIS PRESLEY [still living], SEX, KISS, TOM & JERRY, VODKA, RAMBO, MICROSOFT… basically all around me. Of course, my favourite is DOWNLOAD-not so popular in Germany and all Canadian bands. From Europe was old Leaether Strip or Haujobb and all great musicians as Dirk Ivens… I don’t like Wumpscut music, only first and second CDs.

DH: Your new album is called "Illusions And Reality". Can you tell us something about the release. Where did you record the album and how long did it take to record it?

B: “Illusions &Reality” is self inside opinion about compare between inside feeling and outer facts of world. About deadline between sentiment of everybody and happening about us, about ideal dreams and hard awaken to real world. Lyrics say about standard things like a pleasure, depression, disappointment, accident and about all, what can see each human. We don’t have certain concept. Music is particularly rest and relaxation. I don’t want push hearers with strong and heavy philosophy. CD we did record in house – home studio, because professional studio is very expensive for us. Songs in sequencer was produced about half year. Some songs was older. Recording, mixing and mastering was aprox. One month long.

DH: On the album there is a song called "N.O.A.C.O" that I like very much. What is the song about?

S:N.O.A.C.O is a view on terorrism from other side. About terror of nation against nation.About repression of culture.When the interests of individual is higher than interests of his nation. Mass slaughter of nation under cover of beautiful sentencies and words about international peace and extermination of terrorism. „No a co“ means in slovak language „and what ...“

DH: Tell us something about the process writing a song. How do you create a song ? Are there any influences that give you ideas to write a song?

B: Stress, relax, hobby, witness, escape in the face of outside world…… I don’t know, we just make music and we will make music. When we make songs, we create it more spontaneous, but for mixing and mastering is more important fixate to each song. The main body or structure of song coming from sequencer Yamaha RM1X. After we record each part to PC and insert some sample,another souds from others synths or drum loops… This is depend by each song.

DH: "Illusions And Reality" sounds very dark to me and sometimes I got feelings like at the end of time. Is this a main topic in your music and do you think that the end of time will be near and do you personally fear this moment?

B: I dont have fear of end of time or end of world. But this world and civilisation walking to the end i thing. This is my personal opinion. I don’t want push hearers with strong and heavy philosophy. Good info for me “very dark sound”.Im sure, LIOB sound is very happy, I thing

DH: How important is your work as musicians for yourselves?

B: Making of music is very important for as. From my early age, i wants making music. Now, we dont have many time for produce, but we will continue till total destroy of our ears.

DH: You are from Slovakia. How does the electro scene look like there? Are there many electro bands in Slovakia? Are there any discos where electro music is being played?

B: We have any bands, but lifetime is not so long. They have not support from labels and clubs. We always believe for start-up of underground music in Slovakia. Problem is, that this type of music is non profitable in Slovakia. But, some disco and live performance we have. On each actions going sometime about 100-250 peoples. Our biggest electro bands I thing KIFOTH, EINLEITUNGDZEIT, LAHKA MUZA…

DH: Are you planning to play live in Germany? Which further plans do you have with Last Influence Of Brain?

B: Now, i dont know.Really.I will very satisfied, if we will play in Germany. German scene is very good and strong.Electro is popular. I already see the fans of electro and ghotic on some fest in Dresden and Liepczig.

DH: Thank you so much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck for the future. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

B: Thank you very much for your questions and good luck for you and your magazín.

Interview: Andreas Ohle