Kirlian Camera

D.H.:To start can you tell me something about your artistic development? Since when do you actually like music and what is the current line-up?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: I started recording music when I was 8, so many many things had been happening throughout these years. I founded Kirlian Camera in spring 1980. I consider the first 20 years of this band a kind of `preparatory training`, as the real band was born in 2000, when singer/composer Elena Alice Fossi joined the band and, with her invaluable help I started to succeed in making the music I really like. Today`s line-up is just a trio including Elena Alice, myself and our close friend Sarah Crespi from Korea on violin, viola and keyboards. We have many collaborators, turning over on stage, but that`s the basic combo.

D.H.:Is there such a thing like a fundamental idea which hides itself behind Kirlian Camera?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: endless research and merciless purity are the ingredients of our sound. No further concepts.

D.H.:How, where and when it came to the founding of Kirlian Camera? Why did you decide to name the band Kirlian Camera?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: At the time, the idea of giving shape to`music soul`, that is the deepest heart of music itself, was an attractive concept. So, since the Kirlian camera is supposed to be able in photographing the aura or even the soul of the people, animals and so on and so forth? I guessed it was the rightest name to identify the band, a band not seldom driving towards a sort of `spiritual zone`, if only possible to call it that way.

D.H.: Is there a person who writes the songs or are the songs developed in common interaction?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: It`s just Elena and myself writing everything. Together or alone? it depends on song to song.

D.H.:What was the first major production for you or had there been earlier publications?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: I signed to a major, Virgin Records, in 1985, after having released `Blue Room` with a help from EMI. An interesting period, but a little too stupid, as far as relationships in general are concerned.

D.H.:How was it to collaborate with a label?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: horrible, in general.

D.H.:Will there be an album tour?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Yes, some tours are on the way to come. The 1st part of a big `Kirlian Camera U.S.A. Tour` starts in September in Denver at the 3-day Vendetta Festival, whereas we are going to headline the event. Then, maybe, we have a 4-show German mini-tour a few days after our return from the States, along with Blutengel and other 2 bands. Then, it comes the `Odyssey Europa Tour`, right in Europe and U.S.A. again.

D.H.:How many publications has been there from you?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: All in all, I must say we didn`t make so many albums - just ten in so many years, but we did a lot of mini-albums and singles, plus many side-projects.

D.H.:Is there a song on the album, especially of you at heart?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: my favourite KC song ever - `Odyssey Europa`, no doubt. It `contains` the absolute spirit of our essence. Elena and I composed it around last Christmas, during a hard period. It`s strange that a 3-minute song is able to give us so many emotions, but - that`s it!

D.H.:What requirements must provide it personally to a compose good song?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Complete concentration and a lot of patience, as today`s electronics quality level is still too poor and untrustworthy, in my opinion.

D.H.: When you compose new songs, do you need a certain inner mood or a special atmosphere?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Total silence and full absence of `flies`

D.H.: About which topics do you write your lyrics and what inspires you?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Everyday`s life and, since our everyday`s life is strange enough - inspiration comes so easy!

D.H.:How important are your lyrics? Are they important for the music of Kirlian Camera or do you see the lyrics more as an accessory for the music?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Lyrics started becoming hugely important in the KC music around the end of the 90`s. I didn`t pay so much attention to words, before.

D.H.:How satisfied are you with the results achieved so far and what would you change if you could turn back time?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: I like all of the works we made in the period running since 2000 up to now, not to forget good tracks put into some works released earlier. To be honest, I don`t like our debut-album (`It doesn`t matter, now`) so much and I find the EP `Schmerz` a bit too overestimated. Even the project Hipnosis doesn`t sound that interesting.

D.H.:Had there been a key experience for you to decide to make music?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: We are a weird `tribe`, here, so music and other ways of expression are living into us since when we were - elsewhere?

D.H.:Do you think the visual appearance and image of a band is important in today's (Gothic) music landscape?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: `the look` is even too important, today, probably because there`s no interesting music in the air! The problem is just that bands` look is simply idiot! And old, very out-of-date. Boring! Boring! Boring! Just as their stupid and empty music.

D.H.:Whom do you see as the typical audience? Is there a certain audience that you want to adress with your music?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: No, we have no particularly identifiable audience. Our fans and listeners come from several and various areas. I guess we have quite an omnivor audience, say `open minded`.

D.H.: Is there a difference between the German public and other audiences abroad?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Not that much, after all. Let`s say that German audience is particularly warm, as far as we are concerned. Surely one of the very best ever.

D.H.:Is there a standard drawer for the music of Kirlian Camera? Something that describes your music for people who never had heard about it? ANGELO BERGAMINI: `Not for the half-witted` might be the key. Anyway, our music is made for spreading purest emotion, power, fun.

D.H.:How important is for Kirlian Camera (musical) success?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: It`s huge important, as we attach great importance, exactly, to `deeply reaching audience`.

D.H.:What can you tell us about the activities of Kirlian Camera playing live? Do you have often the opportunity to play live?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: We don`t perform live that often, but we love doing that, especially in the last years!

D.H.:How would you imagine a Kirlian Camera gig?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: a powerful storm coming in the last day of your life. We like to conceive our concerts that way. We always try giving shape to such a concept.

D.H.:Is it also important for Kirlian Camera to be represented on the Internet?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Well, it`s important enough. Then, we think MySpace is a useful vehicle, after all. I couldn`t say the same about Facebook and other social networks, at the moment.

D.H.:What do you want to in the near future (musically) with Kirlian Camera achieve?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Don`t know, yet. We recently did a good album and our most important release ever is close to being issued, so, we feel almost satisfied, at the moment, at least. I only would like music technology researchers to come out with more interesting and less complicated-for-free pricy softwares, as today`s ones are not as `intelligent` as many people would like to prove. In the future, we`ll keep on trying improve that relationship between soul and technology, making `strange songs`. Some examples are already available on the low-price album `Shadow Mission HELD V`.

D.H.:What difficulties have you as a band currently the most to fight with? Kirlian Camera or running everything as it should be run?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: May chronic lack of money be taken as a serious problem?!? I need a billion Euros immediately, hurry up!!!

D.H.:In which country would you like to go on tour?

ANGELO: Each Country has its interesting points, indeed. Anyhow, we are glad to go to the States, now, as we have no former experience of it. New Zealand and Australia are catching our interest too. At any rate, we are looking forward to meeting our German audience once again? hopefully very soon!

D.H.:Which country was the most impressing for you?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: too hard to say

D.H.:What plans do you have for 2009?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: The big collection `Odyssey Europa` is close to coming out. I guess we`ll be holding a good amount of gigs, all through this year`s final slice! Meantime, Elena and her all-girl band SPECTRA*paris are working hard on two releases to be issued within the current year: the brand new album `License to Kill`and the 2-disc mega-ep `Golden Noir`, on CD+DVD. It`s even possible that a new album from the side-project Stalingrad comes out not that late as well!!

D.H.:What would you never do for money?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: I never do any things for money. I`m poor, so I`m lucky, as I have no big worries about my own `empire` management!!!

D.H.:If you have one wish for free, what would you want?

ANGELO BERGAMINI: Sometimes I`d like my enemies to die after having learned what real pain/sorrow is, but? I guess the earth would become a bit too deserted, AH, AH, AH!!! So, all in all, I`d better changing my wish, turning it into? well, I won?t tell anything about it: I do prefer keeping it secret.

Interview: Claudia Wagner
Korrektur: Andreas Ohle
Kirlian Camera: Angelo Bergamini