DH: As a begin could you please tell me a little bit about you and your artistically development. How did HIV+ start out ?

HIV+ : I was resident dj (and organiser of festival/industrial parties) for about 16 years in different clubs Ebm/Goth/Darkelectro in France, when my creativeness took over my brain and soul, I decided to experiment with sounds a few months later.I had finished my firsts tracks circa 1999/2000, the owner of the french label Divine Comedy Records was very interested about it upon hearing it.

DH: Why did you choose the name HIV+? Do you want to express something with the name ?

HIV+ : I choose Harsh Industrial Virus because I lost two friends cause of the AIDS and drug addiction at the end of 80’s. It ‘s a tribute to the lost souls and also reaction against entertainment and easy dance music.

DH: You music sounds to me as a combination of harsh noise and dark industrial. Am I right? Why did you decide to make such kind of music ?

HIV+ : Exactly ! As I am used to saying ,I’m not a classic musician.I have an artistic background in the School of Arts .The only musical elementary knowledge I have learnt on my own is the « mix » and the « rhythm science ».I try to include this artistic thing in my music.Sculpture of noise , sound painting ,art of deconstruction….

DH: Your new album is called "Rotten Beat Manifesto". Can you tell something about the release. Where did you record the album and how long did it take to record it? How did you get the deal with Black Flames?

HIV+ : The name of my new album is a tribute to the work of Jack Dangers aka Meat Beat Manifesto , it's not nevertheless of the breakbeat dub ... or then with a strong injection of power noise and harsh EBM :-))) Really « Rotten Beat Manifesto » it's a parabola against cheap electronic musics without soul !

DH: Your new recordings sounds harder to me than ealier ones. Since your first release had there been changes in your music? Tell us something about the process writing a song.

HIV+ : I consider a piece of music finished when a rhythm appears in an embryonnic state, and the whole thing in this noise conglomerate with chaotic sequencies.I like pretty much the idea of an industrial virus spreading all the forms of electronic music.My guiding line is based on the « virus-beat » or the beating fixed in the resonant magma : we talk about noise as contemporary music initiated by the great pioneers of the experimental art of sound like Karl Heinz Stockhausen and Pierre Henry.

DH: Very dark expressionistic pictures one can see on the cover of the CD.Why did you decide to choose such pictures? Has the content of the pictures something to do with your music?

HIV+ : Yes ,the cover drawn by UserDX ( he worked for Haujobb,Hocico..) based on original drawing of Crystal ( american noise addict girl) and I think that is the best illustration of my harsh universe.

DH: How do you get the idea recording "Body Electric" - a nitzer ebb tribute ? I think it`s one of the highlights on the CD ! How important is it for you that a song can be played in a club? Are you making music for the dancefloor?

HIV+ : I make music for infected bodies and sicked minds.

DH: To me, "Rotten Beat Manifesto" has a very dark atmosphere. In which environment do you live that this produces such an atmosphere? Is your music a reflection of your life ?
HIV+ :I like pretty much abstract music with laminated panels and a continuous scrapping noise similar to corrosion.Corrosion is a main data in HIV+ ‘s sound.The best way to create this dryness giving it an organic aspect is to draw it from the surrounding urban environment. I love the high voltage line sound.It reminds me the old sound of THE STOOGES or SUICIDE .. just noise feedback !! Many titles of the new HIV + 's album were inspired by the human madness,the war,the death, the pain and the religion.

DH: How important is your work as musicans for yourselfs? What do you want t express with your music? In generell: Is making music a kind of therapy? What do you think ?

HIV+ : I was born in the south of Spain ( in 1968 when the spanish dictator was still in power). In fact my hispanic culture and the catholic/mystic culture mixed with the fascist political context haver influenced my music greatly as well as my more " plastic" projects (painting, Sculpture and photography).In fact … my music is a real therapy against sadness and madness.I agree with performers ideas such as 2ND GEN,ORPHX,SONAR ,HYPNOSKULL or CONVERTER… noise is alive !

DH: Are you planning to play live in Germany ? How do you play your music live on stage? Is it not a problem in general to play electronic based music live on stage?

HIV+ : Not for the moment. I have been using the same equipment: 2 samplers Zoom ST224 for the rhythmic parts a guitar pedal (morley) for the feedback /noise, a microphone for the shouts , different effects and cubase vst for the premastering. I create the rhythmic portions from noises of our daily lifes or the samples of contemporary music and shake the soundscapes in my fuckin brain. we have added Lady Walkyria's fetish /Erotic show has an opener and got many incredible reviews.

DH: Which further plans do you have with HIV+ in the near future? Is there anything else you'd like to tell us ?

HIV+ : The future for this project is very positive ,I have signed with the polish label "Black Flames" for 2 albums and I just finished some split albums with other extreme artists (MELEK-THA and MOURMANSK 150) and for the future I will work on some tracks project« banishment E.P » with 2ND GEN and remixes by ISZOLOSCOPE,SCRAP EDX,ANTIGEN SHIFT and DULCE LIQUIDO. We are at an important time of the history of this music genre as much as when the punk moment arrived or when industrial pionners as Throbbing Gristle revolutionized the 70’s era. Raw rhythm n' noise for technologic people.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and many success. Your last words please :

HIV+ : Please respect the earth and life in general, also think for yourself and do not let your country sink into fascism. Unite and make lots of power electronics , the noise proves that we are alive !!!! God is a virus .

Interview: Andreas Ohle