DH: Please tell us something about your new work ...

A) We release our 2nd full length album in this Oct 23rd from Danse Macabre label. This album is more electronic and more European style music. Actually we live in Berlin from this May. I hope European fans like this album.

DH: Is there a central song, the basic idea of the / a album shows an example?

A) Yes, there are many important songs included in this album. But I cannot only one song. Maybe in the near future we will upload the trailer version of this album. So, please listen to it and select your impressive song.

DH: Is the choice of lyrical backgrounds are still running in complete stylistic freedom?

A) Almost lyrics are written in English. And yes. And 1 song is written in Japanese. This song's Japanese is very old style of Japanese. (It is called "Archaic word".)

DH: What is with you in the selection process for a new CD or a song from?

A) #449 created rough version. And I create the melody line and lyrics. And then Yoshiki created final version. After vocal recording, we will arrange each song detailed.

DH: What kind of is your typical sound and how he has over the years changed?

A) Basically I was influenced by 80's newwave, gothic and industrial music from Europe. And through the activity in Europe for these 3 years, we naturally changed our sound style. Because we played in many big festivals and we saw many good shows of great bands. This is the reason why we changed our sound style to more electronic, synth-pop and EBM style.

DH: What makes you the shape of future publications?

A) We will release our 2nd full length album titled "ZeitGeist" on Oct 23rd. This is a 2 years interval from our previous full album "120 Days of Sodom".

DH: How is the general way?

A) Sorry, I don't understand this question. Too vague... But now I feel that life isn't easy in Germany. But I love Germany.

DH: Will there even a live album?

A) We don't have this plan. DVD is better. But we might create cover album in the near future.

DH: If the last CD in the original version of the recordings, or are you once again gone over it in order to smooth passages, which critics later from a "dirty sound" or "not perfect vocals" could speak?

A) Sorry, I don't understand this question. Our last album? You mean "120 Days of Sodom"? Yes, some critics might write (wrote) severely. It is no problem for us. It's normal.

DH: Did you confronted any time with such a thing anyway?

A) Against critics? No, I didn't.

DH: How it comes that you choose the cover and the title of the last album?

A) You mean "120 Days of Sodom"? Because I was influenced by this title's movie, I chose this title. Of course the lyrics are related to this movie, too. And album jacket is #449's idea.

DH: How do you think it is generally with the look of your web pages?

A) myspace? I cannot see my page objectively because I am managing this page. But I think there are many points to improve.

DH: How you see yourself compared to your fans?

A) Not so different.

DH: Is it because this invisible barrier between artist and admirer, or are you simply musicians who happen to play music, which like the other?

A) I don't feel such a barrier. I am a musician but everyone is a humankind. Everyone has their own personality.

DH: What you care most the time and makes your heart heavy?

A) Because we don't belong to the booking agency, we have to manage everything by ourselves. This is very hard for us. Now we are looking for the booking agency in Germany. But now it is too difficult for us.

DH: Since you are looking for yourself?

A) Yes.

DH: If yes, how far has it progressed?

A) It is difficult question. I have no idea. I think less than 30%.

DH: With whom do you want to go on tour once or make a CD?

A) #449 is necessary. And if possible, we wanna bring our Japanese support members. Usually when we play in Japan, we have 3 support members. (Total 5 members.) And now Mike from Neon Synthesis (from Brescia in Italy) is the best support member as an electric drummer. He will join our show in this September 19th (Connichi in Kassel).

DH: What do you need absolutely, if it goes on tour?

A) Of course, alcohol. If there is no beer in the refrigerator in the backstage, I will be insane.

DH: What next to expect from you?

A) Although our 2nd album will be released on this Oct 23rd, I am thinking about our next product.

DH: Of all the bands with which you're currently touring, who were the nicest and who were your "biggest assholes"?

A) Of course I can't say about it. Especially COVENANT, Das Ich, Spetsnaz, tamtrum, steinkind, funker vogt, nachatmar, diorama are really nice.

DH: If you are from a tour comes back, what..s going on at your 1st day at home?

A) Checking many emails...

DH: Is there anything in your life that you really regret?

A) I forgot.

DH: Can you imagine yourself in 3 words?

A) Passionate, calm president.

DH: What you hate in yourself?

A) perfectionist.

DH: What belief do you have?

A) I always believe myself and my friends.

DH: Are you fascinated by death?

A) Not at all.

DH: What does the religion for many people is so important, because they believe that the fear of the death of something is taken?

A) I'm not religious. I hate the death, but I don't have any fear about the death.

DH: We thank you for the interview and wish you all the best for the future!

A) Thank you very much, too. Hope to meet you in somewhere in Germany!

Interview: Claudia Wagner