Glenn Love

Glenn Love has been released these days his new CD Cruel Utopia. Here is what he told us about the new CD.

DH: When and how was your first experience with music?

Music was always in my family, my aunt played concert piano, my uncle jazz sax, my older brother plays drums in a pipe and drum band. My brother always had an incredible music collection as well and he introduced me to alot of very diverse music.

My first musical experience of note was learning how to play Bach on a organ in the oldest Gothic church in North America. I had a job there when I was in school, watching the place at night, and a friend taught me Tocatta in D Minor and Fugue.

I guess that experience set the tone for alot of what interested me later. Dark powerful music.

DH: Is Cruel Utopia your first album?

I did an electro tape release, released a dark trip-hop CD and released a CD with a punk/surf/experimental rock band.

This is the first release that is really about my true direction as a musician. The first fully realized CD and the first CD that I feel confident about.

DH: How long did it take recording the album?

I wrote the album in six months and spent the next year recording it. It was a very difficult year for a variety of reasons. I eventually ran out of time and money and only released seven tracks on the CD. Three others were recorded but not mastered to the final mix.

That's the life of an independent musician.

DH: Cruel Utopia is an instrumental album. Do you think that instrumental albums give the audience the chance to hear more and direct the music for itself?

Yes, absolutely, especially in ambient and trance music. I think you have to be very careful about the use of vocals. Vocal content can lead way from the unconscious, non-verbal, mind body experience to one that is certainly more concrete and focused in a narrative. (The vocalists.)

I'm interested in symbolism and ritual. Perhaps non instrumental music allows for more room in this area. It can become more personal to the person listening to it.

Visual artists rarely use words in their work. If they do they are usually deconstructed.

Lyrics in music can lead to more a traditional structuring of music as well. The traditional verse, chorus, verse, bridge routine etc.

DH: How would you describe your music in your own words?

Dark electronic music for the imagination and the body. Music that ignites emotion, passion, memory, sadness and joy.

DH: Do you have a special way to record your music? Are there certain rules for recording or do you have to be in a certain mood?

I really rely on spontaneity, coincidence and trusting in breaking any possible bounds. Often a song idea comes from a base line or drum groove idea, sometimes from one sound, one color or one emotion, one remembered image.

I'm astounded by where the ideas come from and how they arise.

I just wrote three hours of new music in three weeks that I then preformed live at a Dark Rave here in Toronto. Where did it all come from ? Perhaps I was just ready to receive it. It had been a while since I had written anything new so there was alot of material in my imagination.

DH: Which music do you hear apart from your own? Are there bands you have been influenced by? Tell us some and maybe the reason why.

I liked alot of the early trance/ electro stuff, often with dub or dark influences. Orbital, Orb, The Future Sound of London, Fluke, Aphex Twin, Leftfield. The foundations of good electronic music song structure and technic.

Certainly early industrial dance KMFDM, Beat Meat Manifesto, Ministry, Caberet Voltaire, DAF. Psychic TV, Nitzer Ebb, Coil, Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Einsturzende Neubauten. For their dance floor bravery.

The trip hop scene really inspired me, especially when it got darker. Massive Attack, Portishead, Lamb.Great grooves.

Songwriters like Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Dead Can Dance. Beautful melodies.

Gothic music of all kinds, Sisters, Siouxie, Project Pitchfork, Alien Sex Fiend, and many many more. Historical background and passion.

Amon Tobin, Talvin Singh, Josh Wink, they are going in cool directions and inspire me.

DH: Do you play live and how does a gig from you look like?

I've started playing live again as a solo performer. I have alot of new material that is more ambient and am working on material that is faster and noisier as well.

I write all of my own beats, loops and run them from samplers. I play live parts on top. To perform the live part is very important and I often rely on some improvisation.

Playing the right room , with the right ambience is important. I'll be playing more frequently here in Canada with this new material.

In addition I play keyboards with a goth band here in Toronto called Ariel. They have been friends for a few years and I started playing with them in January.

DH: What can we expect from Glenn Love in 2003? Are there concrete plans for the near future (new album, sampler contributions, ...)?

A new CD for sure. I have distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland now and am working with a label here in Canada. I expect work from Cruel Utopia and new material to be released this coming year on samplers.

I'll be updating my website with all of the new info.

DH: We thank you very much for answering our questions. Go on and good luck with your music. Your final words:

I just got back from Berlin today, yesterday. I'm hoping to play some gigs there in the summer. There is a great music vibe in Germany and I visit often. Thank you and please check my spelling, it was a long flight.

Interview: Andreas Ohle