Fektion Fekler

DH: How long does Fektion Fekler exist and do you remember when and how did you meet?

Robert: Fektion Fekler consist of my brother John (Womb Dabbler) who does all the vocals and lyrics and myself. I write, engineer and mix all the music. I guess you could say we met when my parents brought be home from the hospital. From there it was all downhill.

DH: A long time it was silent around Fektion Fekler. What are the reasons for being quite for such a long time? When did you have the idea for a restart and a new beginning?

Robert: I just got tired of dealing with the labels and such. The bands in this scene make very little money and do it because they have a passion for music. It got to a point where I said ďI quit.Ē We just did an interview with Sideline and they censored just about everything we said. That shit makes me sick of this business. Why would a magazine ask for an interview then censor just about everything I said? Iíll tell you why. Because Sidelines sucks. I had said some things about Metropolis Records and they took everything out because Metropolis distributes their magazine on their website. So they got scared and censored me even though they asked me specific question about Metropolis. So Iím saying now what I said then...ďDave from Metropolis is a dickhead.Ē And shame on Sideline for censoring my personal opinion. I was fully content with writing songs in my music room and keeping it at that. But a diehard fan got in touch with me and begged us to release another album. Surprisingly two record labels picked us up fairly quickly and so here I am with another album and dealing with everything that goes along with it. I ask myself on a daily basis ďwhy did I even bother?Ē. I donít have the slightest idea why I put myself through this. I must need some sort of approval. Iím dealing with it.

DH: Your new CD is called ďInto the SunĒ and I think itís a very clear electro / ebm release with the old-fashion spirit. What do you think about recent developments in electronic music? Do you like new electro styles like future pop? Do you think that your music can develop in such direction in the near future?

Robert: No, we are not a dance band. I canít even imagine our music being played in a dance club. It always surprises me when someone sends us a DJ set list and we are on it. That must be a very awkward moment in that club when our music is playing. The last thing Iím thinking about is people dancing to our music when Iím writing it. If ďfuturepopĒ turns into people beating each other on the dance floor than yes, we can become a ďfuturepopĒ act. Our music has never been about club play; itís always been about the human condition. I can easily see someone dancing in his or her room to our music, but in a club, that always freaks me out. Our music isnít about that. Itís always weird to hear it in a club. Over the years thatís happened quite a bit and each time itís very embarrassing.

DH: How long did it take to record the new CD? Where did you record it and how did you get the deal with your label Black Flames Records?

Robert: Four years. My brother and I have been building Horse head Studios for the past 15 years. Itís quite large these days. We have shit load of gear. Not only a computer and two synths where you push a button and you have six sounds layered on one key. Half the fun is getting there. We are total analog, with a bit of digital for clarity. I like gear and the rule has always been, if we canít play it, then it doesnít get into the mix. I like getting down and deep. Black Flames got a hold of the demo and made an offer and here we are.

Fektion Fekler - Into The Sun

DH: Your CD is being released in two different versions- a normal CD and a double CD. What are the differences between the two versions? What can the European listener expect from the double CD version? Are there remixes on the second CD?

Robert: Unfortunately Black Flames is only sending out the first disc for reviews (a lack of faith for the second disc) but the double album works as a whole. There is no bonus CD, or remix disc, the second disc is part of the album. Itís ten new tracks related to the first disk. Our American label, Static Sky Records is releasing the same songs on the Euro release but the album will have a special code that gives you access to 7 more tracks never released, which I am really excited about, but can only be accessed through the Static Sky Records website. At one point I wanted to post the whole album on the net but the labels and promoters where against it. So for the Black Flames release you get 20 tracks for under $20 bucks and here in the states you get 22 tracks for under $13 bucks. The labels are doing this only because we have asked them to. And surprisingly, they are. Both albums work as a whole. Not just the fist ten tracks. That was never our intentions. But labels will do as they please. Regardless of how we feel about it.

DH: How important is it for you that a song can be played in a club? Are you making music for the dance floor?

Robert: Not at all. Iím not thinking about club play when Iím writing a song. I think a lot of people assume that if youíre an electronic band then your music must be club music. I donít have the slightest idea how anyone could dance to our music. And Iíve seen people dancing to our music in clubs and I always feel so bad for them. You can actually see them confused at some points. We are definitely not a dance band. For us itís always been about the human condition.

DH: I like very much you can work with a female singer in the future or do you think that your music is created only for male vocals?

Robert: Everyone seems to think that the vocals on ďGenerationsĒ is a female, itís not, itís Mr. ďWomb DabblerĒ, my brother. There are no female vocals on ďInto the Sun.ď I have no problem working with a girl singer. But that just hasnít happened. I like very aggressive sounding vocals for the harder tracks and my brother does a good job at that. For the softer stuff I do the vocals myself. I once had a girl guitarist try out for a track on the album and she went a way in tears. I donít think a girl could handle the Fekler sessions. It gets brutal in the studio. Lori Price is the only girl who was recorded on every Fekler record, she second engineered all the tracks. Now thatís one tough chick. Our American label once talked to her and he was like ďshe sounds pissedĒ, Lori price, I fucking love her.

DH: In October there will be some concerts in Europe. Any further dates are planned? Do you visit Germany?

Robert: Radek at Black Flames has been telling people we are touring this year. I donít know why he is saying that. Itís not true. We have no plans to tour.

DH: How do you play your music live on stage? Is it not a problem in general to play electronics based music live on stage?

Robert: We would use backing tapes, with the guitars, vocals and a bit of synth work here and there live. But we would have to use backing tapes for the music. On some tracks we have over 40 tracks of music going on. To reproduce that on stage would be impossible.

DH: Which further plans do you have with Fektion Fekler in the near future?

Robert: Iím going solo. Fuck the ďWomb Dabbler.Ē Fektion Fekler is dead. Iím moving on.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and much success for the forthcoming concerts. Your last words please?

Robert: Thanks.....I really appreciate the support.

Interview: Andreas Ohle