Eva O

DH: Tell us something about Eva O. When did you have the idea to make a solo project?

Well when I was is Shadow Project Cleopatra records would go to our shows and they would always push that idea to me. They gave me an offer to release a record and I took it. This is when I recorded demons fall for an angeles kiss. Then I quit doing Shadow Project and started working on solo stuff.

DH: A lot of people know you from Christian Death. How much influence from Christian Death can be find in Eva O. nowadays? Are the experiences with former bands needful for your music and sound today?

Not really any band I was involved in except for Christian death I wrote all the material. When I played with Christian death I was just helping out and filling positions for Rozz.

DH: Your music sounds to me very dark. Which are the reasons for you playing such dark music? Is this something that comes deep from your mind?

I have a very dark outlook on life and the world I live in the funny thing is that I believe that the truth is dark to many. Something that people don’t want to know. I dig for the trurth. I love reaching deep down into the souls of men.

DH: Your new CD is called "Mz O And Her Guns / Damnation / Salvation". Tell us something about the record. Why did you decide to release some old songs from the 1999er album Damnation - Ride The Madness" again on your new CD. Is "Mz O And Her Guns" a kind of best-of compilation?

Ride the madness was released and I was happy with it I wanted to release Salvation after this and I had that long brake I was able to perform Damnation at the WGT Festival in 1999. I chose to use a live drummer and bass. Doing this I was amazed at how intense it became. I felt at this moment that I needed to re record it with these elements in it. Well I ended up re writing it and re recording it because I wanted it to have some kind of musical connection with Salvation. I now feel it is complete. Damnation is good and very different I feel it is a skeleton of what is now. Anyone who has heard it can see this progression.

DH: Did you spend much time on choosing the songs for your new CD? Are there any ideas behind the selection?

Yes my new CD is a story of my life and the journey I traveled learning the truth, feeling the pain, of life and taking the abuse of humanity. Every song on this CD belongs with each other. It is best listened to as a whole piece.

DH: Since Christian Death Eva O. is very popular in the gothic scene. Had there been any pressure on you in the last few years because of your popularity?

No I don’t feel any pressures from this I have just realized this and it has been very good now I can give what I have always wanted to give and I will be here as long as there is a desire for my music. This is what a musician strives for it is a blessing.

DH: Do you write all the songs personally or is there someone, which writes them together with you?

I write my songs alone. I sit there and let it all just roll out it is a release of sort. I need to do this for my sanity.

DH: I like very much the song "Bloody Lust"? What is the song about? How do you get the idea for recording this song?

Blood Lust one of my favorite songs on the CD. It came from something my father told me as a child. His quote “each breath you take is a step closer to death.” Mine is: “Here comes my death its welcome with every step welcome with every step.” It also speaks of how people are scared to live their life.

DH: When will Eva O. hit Germany again with a tour? Are there concrete plans for a tour in Germany?

Yes there is, it is in the works right now. I should be there in late October through mid September.

DH: Is it for you personally a special challenge to present the new album live on stage? Do you like playing live more than recording a new album?

Playing live is the reason I do music I love to make people feel. I love to reach into their hearts and give them something to remember. I love to feel the energy they give to me. Recording is fun and I need it so I can perform live. My favorite is to play live.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best for the future.

Interview: Andreas Ohle