The Dogma

DH: Hello! Tell us something about Dogma. What is the story of your band? How did you get the idea to call yourselves The Dogma?

Cosimo: :The story of the band is very strange and sometimes i think that the fate for the band was already written.The story began when i met Daniele(the singer) at the funeral of a friend of mine.I was very sad and i was crying.Daniele worked in the cemetary like undertaker,a very strange job but i think he’s a good but strange guy and he’s always alone and he say that he find himself just in places like the cemetary;like i told you he’s a very very strange guy but i like him,he’s like a brother for me!at the funeral(in the cemetary)he looked at me when i was crying and he was so friendly with me!I did not never known a so friendly guy before! In all my life i travelled in all Italy because i was born in the south of Italy and in Italy the south is very different from the north and my father had to travel in many cities to find a job and when i was 18 i went out of my home and i began to travel alone.In 2000 i arrived in Ancona and i was very happy to know a good guy like Daniele.I met Stefano (the keyboard player) in a police station;we were both in the police station because a night i was fighting with some fuckin’ drunken guys and he had problems with the law because that night he was playing like DJ in a Rave party.Stefano loves heavy metal but he had to play like deejay to eat and make money to survive.

When me and Stefano were in the police station,I saw him speaking alone like a mad guy but soon we became friend.Later when i wanted to get together a band with my music(i played in 1000 bands with different kinds of music) i remembered this 2 strange guys and The DOGMA were born!Soon we found the bassplayer and the drummer!A real but strange story! :) “Dogma” is an International name:you can find it in every dictionary,you can speak it in every language.It has latin roots and we love our roots,it’s easy to remember:we like it very much!

DH: So your new CD is called Black Roses. Where did you record the album? How did you get in contact with Drakkar Records?

We recorded it in the Woodhouse Studios,it was produced by Siggy Behm,we love like he recorded the album,i think he really understood our music and he gave us the sound we were searching for,he’s really one of the best producers in the world! We just send our demo to the Drakkar Record,they wrote me saying that they loved our music and I already loved their label,they got a lot of good bands.They are working very hard for us because they believe in us;It’s difficult to find a lebel that works hard for a new band!

DH: Your music is very dark and mixes metal, rock and gothic. Why did you decide to make such music? Do you have any influences or favourite bands in your childhood?

We got no intention,we just play what we feel .We got so much influences,I really can’t say which kind of metal we play.I write the music and i hear many types of music,i love Rock’n roll and hard rock in the old style like Whitesnake for example and i love the metal bands like Nevermore,Annihilator,i love the extreme metal too,i like the “new” rock’n roll bands like “The Darkness” or “The Hellacopters”,i listen millions of bands.All the members in the band listen different styles of Metal,Stefano loves the prog metal like Dream Theater etc. and the “nu” metal,Daniele loves the gothic stuff and the metal from the 80’s like Accept.We have very different influences but we got the feeling together!

DH: I like very much the song "Wicked Angels". What is the song about?

In “Wicked Angels” i talk about the Metalheads and i am a Metalhead!Sometimes we feel dark emotions and we love the night,sometime we find ourself in the darkness.All of us are Angels trying to fly but we often can’t leave the earth with our wings...

DH: Who writes the songs in your band? Is there only one person who writes them all or do you all write the songs together?

I write all the music in “Black roses” and later I make the final arrangements with Stefano .The Lyrics are written by me ,Daniele and Stefano.

DH: Besides all the darkness - are you sometimes funny people?

For sure!We are not sad everytime!Usually we are very funny!We spent many time together,usually we not very serious!we try to put in our music some of our darkest and saddest feelings,we got it too.

DH: Do you want to play live in Germany? Will there be a tour in Europe?

Yes,of course we love Germany.We are confirmed in the Wacken open air and probly we’ll tour in Germany and in all Europe!So I hope to see you!

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and all the best. Your famous last words to our reader please:

I want to thank you,your beautiful magazine and all the Dark Heart readers for the attention.I hope to see you in live gig when we’ll come to play in Germany!If you want know more about our band check .Thank you!

Interview: Andreas Ohle