DH: Hello. Tell us something about Diskonnekted. What is the story of the band?

In the mid 90's I started making music. With Mildreda (my very first project) I produced a typical Belgian EBM-sound that was often compared with The Klinik and yelworC-like stuff. But due to an evolution of my personal taste and a remarkable change of dance music in general, I lost interest in continuing the (darker) Mildreda project. I remained active though: as some kind of interlude I joined Heyaeb both in the studio and on stage. Later, when entering the new millennium, I started working on Diskonnekted. With Diskonnekted I wanted to update the sound of EBM. I don’t think you should make the same song over and over again. That’s why I chose a new way of making EBM, waving the old days goodbye.

DH: Your music is very powerful and purely electronic. Do you think you are an future pop or an synth pop band? Which are the reasons for you to make such music?

I really wouldn’t know which category my music could fit. I don’t care actually. I make electronic music because I like working with new sound-technologies. I am inspired by many different styles of music, so I definitely don’t concentrate on just one genre. Maybe you could say that I try to be ‘diskonnekted’ from any genre. I guess that’s the only way to keep music interesting. If everyone is copying each other, then we have a rather incestuous situation without room for innovation!

DH: Your new CD is called Neon Night. Tell us something about the CD. How long did it take to record the album? How did you get in contact with your label Alfa Matrix?

It took quite some time to finish the album. As I really wanted it to become something special, I concentrated a lot on details, and fresh sound-creation. I was talking with some possible partners, but as Séba came up with a clear and straightforward offer, I got seduced by his clarity. After having a blurry first chapter, I really wanted to have things differently when singing a new contract. Somehow, Alfa Matrix convinced me they could offer me what I was looking for. Having worked already with Séba before, and Alfa Matrix being a Belgian label were the final arguments.

DH: Is Neon Night your first release or had there been other releases from you in the past? Why did you call your CD Neon Night? Do you love the night?

Yes, I love the night! Neon Night refers to a wild nightlife and everything that comes along with it. Take Vegas as a symbol, where there’s more neon light then sunlight for example. The album was proceeded by the “After Einstein” EP before summer, and in 2003 I already released my debut “Jesus raves” on the now defunct Dying Culture.

DH: Is there a kind of message in your songs? What do you want to express with your music?

With “Neon night” as main theme and title, the album reflects the up- and down-sides of living the rock and roll-myth. It’s about the urge of having a wild night, about drinking too many drinks and having fun; but also about waking up the day after, about the hangover, feeling empty, and never wanting to have such a night again but having another crazy night that evening nonetheless. Its about living a rock and roll-illusion, about loving and hating it, about the Johnny Walker-wisdom and the blurry state of mind in the early morning.

DH: I like very much the song „After Einstein”. Tell us something about this song. What is the meaning of the song?

Lyrically the song is an attack on people who choose to remain plain stupid while living in a world where knowledge and information is free and easy accessible. I picked up Einstein as he is a real symbol of scientific breakthrough and knowledge. ‘After Einstein’ reflects on knowledge in general, and how people deal with it. Science today has cleared up a lot of things, and has answered a bunch of questions that remained dark for us during centuries. People however choose to create their own answers on things, intermixed with their own ideological, philosophical and religious ideas. People choose to have a blurry mind, instead of having it cleared up by correct information that is available for everyone (at least it should be). It is sometimes scary to see how people tend to choose dark and obscure ideas instead of clear and simple facts. It’s for example very frightening to see conservative politicians trying to keep Darwin out of the schoolbooks so they can protect their religious believes.

DH: Another very powerful dancetrack on your CD is “Religion” together with Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) as guest vocalist. How did you get the idea to contact him?

I know Johan for a long time now, even back from the days that we released our music on self-produced tapes. He has always supported me a lot, and I am really grateful for that. As for “Religion”: I simply asked him if he liked joining, and he seemed interested.

DH: There is also a limited edition of Neon Night available with a lot of remixes. What do you think about those remixes on your bonus CD Hangover? Does a remix change the character of a song?

Remixes can be fun, but they can also be boring and fucked up. So before I ask someone to remix my stuff, I have to be sure about the result. I carefully chose the remixes for “The Hangover”, the limited bonus disc of Neon Night. It’s more like a concept, as it symbols the hangover that comes after a wild night. It’s a real musical journey that translates this theme. I think everyone did a great job.

DH: Are you making music for the dancefloor?

It is my goal actually to make music both for the dancefloor and the lazy armchair.

DH: Will there be a tour from Diskonnekted in Europe? Which further plans do you have? Are you working still on new tracks?

A tour would be cool. First I need a booking agency of course. I am talking with some folks, and I hope it works out. I can’t wait to kick your asses out there! ? In the meantime I am always working on stuff. I just finalised a remix for XP8 and Trisomie 21, and I am also working on a special project together with Dirk Ivens. Watch for that!

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best. Your famous last words to our readers please:

It was a pleasure! Thanx for the interest, and sharing these words! And to conclude: kill your honey before she leaves you!

Interview: Andreas Ohle (für Dark Heart)