Dense Vision Shrine

DH: When and how did Dense Vision Shrine started out? Which musicians are involved in the project?

So far I have been the only person involved in making the music of Dense Vision Shrine, but that may very well change in the near future. The music of Dense Vision Shrine came to life during the autumn of 2001, though at that time I had only the music created. It was not until mid November 2001 I decided it needed a name. That was due to the good feedback I got from the audience that heard the music used in a clothing/performance show in my native hometown Stavanger.

DH: Why did you choose the name Dense Vision Shrine?

There's not really a deep and hidden meaning behind the name. It's just a name I thought would go well along with the music intended for the project.

DH: Why did you stop the projekt Penitent from which Dense Vision Shrine has been born out?

It's not entirely correct that Dense Vision Shrine was born out of the "ashes" of Penitent. Though I did for quite some time have my mind set on ending all activities with Penitent, but after being encouraged by good friends and contacts to continue I can tell you that there will be at least one more Penitent album (after the newly released "Songs of Despair" album that is).

DH: Your music seems to very dark. How would you describe your music in your own words? Do you have a certain demand with your music?

I guess I would have to agree with you that my music indeed is dark. I would describe Dense Vision Shrine as a mixture between dark ambient, and neo-classical music with elements of new age in it. I don't have any certain demand with my music, I just create the sort of music I feel like creating at any given moment, and of course then music I would enjoy listening to myself.

DH: Which CDs have been released? So far
"Magic & Mystery" is the only CD released.

DH: Your CD Magic & Mystery seems to me as a combination between neoclassical and ambient elements. Where was the CD recorded? How long did it take recording the CD?

I agree with you on the description of the music. The CD was recorded at my home, at my small PC based homestudio. That is also why it was created and recorded at the same time, a process that I guess took about 2-3 months.

DH: How is the process of writing a song in your group? Are there any rules for writing a song? Is there a certain mood or isn`t that important.

As I have been alone with creating the music of Dense Vision Shrine there hasn't been any structured process of writing the songs, nor has there been any rules for how a song should be written/created. I don't need any certain mood to create the music.

DH: Are you playing live? Will there be a tour in Germany and what can we expect from Dense Vision Shrine?

I haven't been playing live with Dense Vision Shrine, but that much change if I am successful in incorporating some more members in the project. Right now I hope that a violin and a flute player will join me, which looks like will happen. After that I will play live, and it would of course be of interest to do a tour in Germany, but a tour doesn't only depend on me, there must be someone willing to organize such a thing.

DH: What are your plans for the near future? Will there be another CD?

My plans for the future are to get a few more members, then members who play real instruments in order to combine real instruments with my sounds. There will definitely be another CD, I already have most material ready for a follow up to "Magic & Mystery".

DH: Thanks for answering our questions and now your final words:

Thanks for the interview. At the end of tis I would like to add that if there should be any concert organizers etc interested in having Dense Vision Shrine performing live at their event they should get in touch.

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Interview: Andreas Ohle