Dark Sanctuary

DH: First of all, tell our readers please a little bit about you and musical development. How long does Dark Sanctuary exist and which members are in the band at the moment? What is the story of your band?

- Our story is quite long as we exist as a band since 1996 but members are the same since a long time as we just change singer after the second album. We are 6 in the band. About musical development, we try to involve for each new album but still with the same attitude, way to compose, etc. so the "DS" touch still there since the first album 'til now. 2006 will be a very difficult year to us, because our both 5th and 6th albums will be release.

DH: Your music combines metal, classic and gothic elements to a very special sound with dark atmosphere. Are there any musical influences or experiences in your childhood which leeds you to this kind of music nowadays?

- Metal ? not really. we used to do some in the past but not in a DS album. By the way, we covered some of our songs in Metal atmosphere but they'll be release later, probably in 2006. Anyway, I agree with classical and gothic elements and I want to add traditional and medieval ones too, because they were the first ones we used instead of Gothic. Now people used to say that we are a gothic band but we aren't, we just used some elements to create different atmospheres in our last albums.

About influences, well hard to understand because we used to listen only Heavy Metal since 15 years now, so... By the way, the envy to to something really dark and non-metal appears and DS was born. I don't think we were influenced by many bands but only with our souls. In the beginning we used to create songs together in rehearsal, now Arkdae and Hylgaryss compose more "at home" and when we rehearse we arrange songs together. Anyway, the spirit of the band is still the same but the way to compose is different now.

DH: Your new album is called “Exaudi Vocem Me am Part I”. What is the meaning of the title of the album?

- That means "listen to my call". I think the title percfectly explain what we want today...

DH: Your new CD sounds to me quieter than your last one “L`être Las – L`envers Du Miroir". Which role has the silence in music of Dark Sanctuary? Is silence something without the music of Dark Sanctuary would not be the same?

- Well, l"Etre Las" was a concept album, with different calm and "fast" songs, anyway very interesting to work on it. With the 2 last albums ("Etre Las" and "Memoire Blessees") we realized that, even if we like all the songs, we didn't record some really atmospheric songs as we did in the 2 first albums so we tried to work on something more calm, more ambient, more atmosperic with this new double album.

DH: Your new CD sounds a little bit better than the last one. Did you change something in the recording process? Your new CD had been recorded by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio. How did you get in contact with him? Did you record the album in a special atmosphere?

- Our 2 last CD were recorded at the Klangschmiede StUdio E too. The recording process was the same for all 3 recordings (as both new albums are from the same recording session). I can't explain this sound's difference, mood, material, mix... can be everything ! By the way, I think that the last album "Memoire Blessees" has a very good sound.

DH: When listening to "Exaudi Vocem Meam Part I” it seems to me that there are a lot of quite and thoughtful moments. Did you have special thoughts or visions when recording the album? Is the music of Dark Sanctuary something that only can exist by the imagination of the listener?

- Well, for each recording we need to be concentrate on what we're doing, each instruments, each lyrics, each sound. So we try to deliver the most "professional" atmosphere. So, I think that the real mood is in the making of the songs, in the rehearsal place. Sure, we have some special thoughts and visions during the recording but they're difficult to explain.

DH: There is a song on the album called "Dein kalter Stein” that I like very much. What is the idea behind this song? Do you have in general certain messages in your songs? Do you want to tell the people something with your songs?

- Yeah, this song is kind of "love song" with a Lady dying six feet under (buried alive) and his lover on the tomb. It's a dialog between two people who don't know if the other person is there because the guy don't know that his girlfriend was buried alive but she feel the presence of the guy praying on the tomb. This is very dark atmosphere, but in a certain way this is also a message to say that people never listen anyone else in this world, we are all close to each other and never feel anyone. Basically, our songs are sad but always have a message behind. that's why we translate all songs in the web site, to let people understand as we still sing in french.

DH: When will we expect Dark Sanctuary again on stage? Will there be soon a European tour?

- I don't know yet. We have some concerts to do for 2006, we hope to play in Germany. I just can let you know that this is very difficult for us to play on stage because we are 6 with full time job but we will do our best to move to each concert.

DH: Thank you very much for this interview. We are very pleased to have to the chance to make an interview with you. Your famous last words for our readers please:

- Thanx to You, the pleasure is for us to have the opportunity to speak to your readers. Feel the dark flame inside you.

Interview: Andreas Ohle
ANSWERED BY: CYR (bass / percussions)