DH: Hello. Tell us something about Com.Pulsion. What is the story of the band? When and how did you meet?

Well, Miguel, Juanju and me, one Saturday on 1997, we passed the night drinking and talking about how great would be to have a band. This project was born the morning after, and is the result of 7 years as a band and 4 years as a serious band. It was Depeche Mode the link that joined us in the beginnings. Then, on 2000, we started to compose our self songs, first for ourselves, then we decide to find a label because we were proud of our music and we considered that, modestly, we could contribute with something new and original. And so we find Alessio and Decadance, than put all their forces so that this album sees the light…

DH: Your music is very powerful and purely electronic. Do you think you are an future pop or an synth pop band? Which are the reasons for you to make such music?

We don’t like to put a label to our music, we only do what we feel inside each time (that’s the reason of such different songs), but we would define it more as synth pop than future pop. Maybe the key of this difference is in the way of singing, the lyrics and the drum lines… We grew up beside electronic music, we cannot imagine us doing a different style, and it’s cheaper than buying a guitar, a drum, a bass guitar… This kind of music it’s open to a big amount of creative possibilities…

DH: Sometimes your music sounds to me like 80`s synth pop with a futuristic look. Are you musically influenced by this period of time?

Of course, we are the three around 29 years old, so bands as DM, Yazoo, OMD, Front 242, Propaganda, Clan of Xymox, Recoil and others, we knew them quite well. They are our main influence with more recent bands as De/vision, Mesh or Wolfsheim.

DH: Your debut CD is called Machines. Tell us something about the CD. How long did it take to record the album? How did you get in contact with your label Decadance Records?

This album has been released along the last two years, shared between Spain and Italy. We contacted Decadance via Internet almost 3 years ago, after they listened to a demo CD we sent them. The music was created here, the vocals recorded in Rome one year later, when the instrumental tracks were ready; then, it has been mastered in England and the long process ends in September with the birth of “Machines”. We think it’s a complete album, each song is a little sample of what we like and we are able to do. Me, and specially Juanju for this release, we put all our hearts, our minds and our time to shape the songs the way we wanted them to be, and we are happy that Decadance gave us an absolute freedom to do it.

DH: Had there been other releases from you in the past? Why did you call your CD Machines? Do you have a special relationship to machines?

No, this is our first album. It’s an old and recent songs reunion. The name is casual, but day after day we feel that is the appropriate one, it fits to our perception of music, to our perception of 21th century’s world and finally it resumes the essence of what we do. In other hand, it’s a nice contrast with the cover’s photograph, very human an organic.

DH: A lot of songs on your CD sounds very futuristic. Is there a kind of message in your songs? What do you want to express with your music?

We don’t want to express any message in particular; it’s just an expression of feelings, emotional states and sensations. They sound futuristic because of the means we use. Anyway, sometimes we like to experiment with sounds, rhythms, loops… But there is a melodic base for music and lyrics…

DH: What do you think about the future of the human race? Will the human race turn into a machine race?

Seems it goes this way, isn’t it? Scientists say so… We use more and more artificial substitutes and small machines to live longer and to heal diseases. But, what would human race be unless a soul? Would we ever discover a mechanic kind of soul? Is the future in the hands of artificial intelligence?

DH: Do you have a favourite track on your CD? Tell us something about this song. What is the meaning of the song?

Yes, we like specially “Hung of a thread”. For us, is the one that reflexes best the band restlessness; it’s complex, the lyrics are very interesting, surrealistic, creates a wonderful atmosphere of serenity at the beginning and oppression at the end. It’s powerful, well constructed and original. Juanju and me we reached a good level of affinity for music and words. The meaning is, more or less, “a spiritual trip that drives to the discovering of happiness key.”

DH: A lot of songs on your CD are very good danceable. Are you making music for the dancefloor or is your music also used for home entertainment?

It’s true that some tracks are quite danceable, but this is not a conscious objective. Is not that we refuse to use the up tempo, but it’s more a resource than a finality. In general, our songs are made to be listened at home, quietly. Although, we know that is unquestionable the danceable feeling of a good number of tracks.

DH: Luis, you are the vocalist of Com.Pulsion. Are you looking forward to present the new songs of Com.Pulsion on stage? Will there be a tour from Com.Pulsion in Europe? Which further plans do you have? Are you working still on new tracks?

Well, it’s yet too soon to know, but we hope that once “Machines” be well promoted, we’ll have some dates for live performances in Europe. I guess that the first ones will be in Italy, in Spain, and then in other countries… By now, we work on visual supports for the stage, in special, Miguel is more involved on this aspect, and of course we keep on composing “good” songs for the second album …

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best. Your famous last words to our readers please:

Our words for you are these that appear on “Free”, a song for the next album: “Pushed to believe, Taught to be free, Open to receive, Everything that moves me”

Interview: Andreas Ohle (für Dark Heart)