Charlotte`s Shadow

DH: First, tell us something about you and your musical development. When did Charlotte`s Shadow start out? Why did you choose this name?

Well, I´ve been playing music all my life, at the beginning I started playing in many heavy metal bands where the main instrument is guitar, and I was becoming a bit tired of the feelings which that music was provoking in me, I was searching for something more melancholic, more romantic, and expressive. And at the moment I am certain I have found what I’ve been looking for in the genre of Gothic Rock. CHARLOTTE´S SHADOW started 3 years ago in Dublin, at that time the band consisted just of me and a keyboard player, we composed some very interesting tracks. This was at an early evolutionary stage of the band, and we were still experimenting with our sound. We chose the name CHARLOTTE´S SHADOW, from a comic I was reading at the time, about a girl called Charlotte who was been followed by the dark side of herself (her shadow), which she couldn´t shake off. “Charlotte” also happens to be the name of the Lead female singer of the band.

DH: What is your Line-Up? Which members are in the band?

We are planning soon to do a small tour of the Benelux countries. The band consists of myself: J.Catala: lead vocal, guitar, bass, keyboard, programming, Charlotte Keoghan: lead vocal and A.Avalos: Bass. In addition we incorporate the help of others from time to time for concerts, etc.

DH: Your music sounds to me a kind of retro gothic like the early days. Am I right? What are the reasons for you to record more guitar oriented gothic music? Do you have any favourite bands that influenced you in the past?

Yes you could be correct in saying that, our music on many levels has been influenced by the pure rawness of emotion that dominated the early Gothic scene. Through my music I endeavour to remain faithful to what I believe to be is true Goth music. Well for me the use of guitar in my band represents mainly the driving force behind the feelings and emotions of the desperate vocals. We have so many influences that we could spend hours telling you many different names of the numerous bands that we love…….

DH: Your Debut CD is called "Love & Hate / No Tears". How long did it take to record the CD? How did you get the deal with your record label Cynfeirdd?

We recorded the album love and hate in a period of three months more or less. About getting the record deal with the French label Cynfeirdd, they heard a demo of some songs, and offered to sign us, and the rest is history.

DH: Your songs on your CD seems to me very dark and depressive. Are you depressive people? Do you have sometimes dark feelings?

I don’t know but for some reason when the people see us coming they always hide all the knifes and sharp objects.:)hahaha

DH: How do you get the ideas for your songs? About what topics are your songs in general? Tell us something of the process of writing a song.

Our ideas for writing a song comes from life situations, and romanticism and sadness, we think those are the most beautiful topics that we reflect in our songs. When we compose a song it is really a hard process, we just think about what we want to communicate and if it reflect that feeling then we add it!

DH: Last year you had been in Germany. Do you like Germany and are there any experiences from this journey that influenced you when recording your album? Did you meet interesting people?

I love Germany, and we hope very soon to go back to play there. I really like the gothic scene in Germany in fact meanwhile I was there I composed a few songs maybe I should moved there again to find the inspiration I found there at that time. Ausserdem Ich liebe auch Deutsch sprache, mein Deutsch ist nicht perfeckt aber Ich hoffe es wird sehr bald verbesser. Ich hatte viele leute getroffen da, but for me everybody was interesting in one way or another.

DH: You J.Catala and Charlotte Keoghan are the vocals of The Charlotte`s Shadow. Is this a kind of challenge for you to be in front of the band? Are there any discussions who is singing a song when it is a new one?

Well, I am the brains of the operation…?HAHAHA Is not a challenge at all! About discussions who is singing NO WAY! Even sometimes I have to force her to sing, but normaly it´s depend of the song because each song requires something different.

DH: Do you have a "normal" life besides music or is music your life?

Actually I have a normal life besides music, I am a robotic technician, as you see nothing interesting and boring….

DH: When will Charlotte`s Shadow play in Germany? Are you planning an European tour?

We will play in Germany as soon as possible, and everything in relation with tours of course, we are planning to get to you sobald wie möglich!

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you all the best and much success with your new CD. Your famous last words:

Thank you to everybody that support the band!

Interview: Andreas Ohle