The Bronx Casket Co.

DH: Hello! Tell us something about The Bronx Casket Co.. What is the story of your band? How did you get the idea to call yourselves The Bronx Casket Co?

I had always wanted to do a solo/side project and had been pulling material together for a while. I was friends with Jack Frost and when he and Tim Mallare (Overkill drummer) said they wanted to do it to I had a nucleus to build from so I moved forward to find a singer and keyboard player. We demoed a few tunes and got picked up by Massacre for our first 2 records and now our third on Regain. I had a bunch of different names for the band, but this one was the one I just liked best.

DH: So your new CD is called Hellectric. Where did you record the album? How did you get in contact with Regain Records?

I recorded the record at my studio (Gear Recording Studio) in New Jersey. It's the place we did the last 2 Overkill records, so I am comfortable working there. Overkill had recently signed with Regain, so it just made sense to have Bronx Casket there as well. They have done a great job.

DH: Your music is very dark and mixes metal and gothic. Why did you decide to make such music? Do you have any influences or favourite bands in your childhood?

It's different than Overkill, that was part of the appeal to me, plus I love all kinds of Horror movies and books, comics...whatever is kind of dark and creepy I have alsways been really into. I think Black Sabbath is one of my biggest influences for this band and Overkill for that matter, but I pull from alot of different experiences.

DH: I like very much the song “Little Dead Girl”. What is the song about?

It's about Goth girls....dead girl is kind of a slang for goth chicks

DH: Who writes the songs in your band? Is there only one person who writes them all or do you all write the songs together?

It's just me I do all the lyrics, melodies and music

DH: Hellectric seems to me much better sounding than earlierer recordings (e.g. Sweet Home Transylvania”). Did you change something in the recordings process?

No not really, I don't really think the production is much better, I do think the material is stronger though.

DH: Besides all the darkness - are you sometimes funny people?

Absolutely....I like having life is really great.... I know that does not fit in with the typical Goth vibe, but thats the way it is for me.

DH: Do you want to play live in Germany? Will there be a tour in Europe?

I hope so, we are talking to a few people now about that being a possibility, just kind of needs to be the right tour, but we are hopeful we can make that happen.

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and all the best.

Your famous last words to our reader please:

See you on the road!!

Interview: Andreas Ohle