DH: As a begin could you please tell me a little bit about you and your artistically development. How did Burialmound start out?

Well, we started BURIALMOUND back in 1994 with different name and with different musical approach. We were just three same kind of souls who wanted to play this kind of metal music.

DH: Which musicians are involved in Burialmound?

There are three persons permanently involved and a few session members for gigs. Me, Aki Sääksniemi, our vocalist Raven and the drummer-man Benjam Niininen. This lineup seems to be the lasting one for us. We came along well together, and we know our musical intentions and purposes.

DH: Why did you choose the name Burialmound? Do you want to express something with the name?

No, there's nothing that much deeper with the name. Of course as we deal in our lyrics with death, darkness and such, it was obvious to pick a name of that kind.

DH: Can you decribe your music style in your own words?

I have always hated to describe our music by words as it always limits the recourses of it. But always I got to do it, because that's normal. People want to have some kind of sense of it. I'll simply name it metal or raw or aggresive and so on. Only some words that might have some meaning on them.

DH: Your album is called "Black Death". Can you tell something about the release. Where did you record the album and how long did it take to record it?

The album was recorded in Studio Watercastle, Jyväskylä FINLAND in winter 2001. The sessions took only about a week as we are not any perfectionist group. We prefer more to sound a little bit dirtier and more like we're playing live. The music lose it's soul and it's feeling if it's too clean and finished to the end. It can't breathe or live it's life. But that's of course just my point of view. It seems that this top notch playing is ruling over now, sadly.

DH: Do you have fun recording songs in a studio?

Yes, of course! Otherwise we won't be doing this. Studio time is great time to hang up with the bandmates and to let your creativity take the wings. We improvised our playing a lot in the studio. Oh, there was one little setback as we had to show the door to our bassist, though that didn't matter too much as we knew how to play those bass lines.

DH: How did you get the record deal with Sound Riot?

It was rather easy from our side as they contacted me through E-mail. I suppose they checked our website, downloaded few samples from our previous recordings and because of they liked them, they felt interest towards us. The partnership has been great thus far.

DH: How important are the lyrics for you? Tell us something about the topics of your songs.

Well, I can't give you an accurate answer on this one, as I don't handle the lyrics. Main themes circles around death, horror, mysticism etc. I'll think that our music and lyrics reflect perfectly each other. It's important to get that feeling.

DH: How important is your work as musicans for yourselfs?

It's nearly my whole life. I mostly live through music, listen to it, play it and even eat it. Hah, just kidding! Seriously, I don't have any other option in my life than be involved with this stuff. It's just my destiny.
DH: Can you tell us something about the gothic scene in your country?

I don't like it very much. The bands like 69 eyes or the other soft goth rock bands are just horrible in my taste. I still only prefer these veterans from outside world such as Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Weeping Willows etc. Even though they all are not that "Goth", but still very cold and dark groups. The Finnish goth is just too fucking honey and sweet. Yuk!

DH: Do you play concerts in Germany and how does a Burialmound gig look like?

Sadly we don't have right now opportunity to play live. It's because we have just the three of us in band; but that's going to be fixed. I told you about the few session musicians who could be serious help in gigs. We're counting on them right now. Other thing is that Sound Riot is not that big label who can brought their bands to play in Europe. They told me lately some good news that they have signed with some big distributer who can arrange gigs to their bands. We'll surely come down in Germany, if ever had chance to do it!

DH: Are there further projects for the future planned (new releases, sampler contributions, ...)?

Yes, we're going to record our next album in this autumn. It's going to be released in early next year, if we stick into the plan. Musicwise it's still pretty much into direction that we had in "Black Death". Of course it has different mood on it, one can't do two similar like albums. Also we're participating in few samplers etc. in the near future. All in all everything looks bright now!

DH: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Well, maybe we have come to end now. My head is still.

DH: Thank you very much for this interview and go on having fun and success with Burialmound. Some final words?

Many thanks for this interesting interview! Keep checking out the process we have with BURIALMOUND going on and try out "Black Death" -cd if you wanna hear something raw and aggressive stuff. Closing in...

Interview: Andreas Ohle