DH: As a begin could you please tell me a little bit about your artistically development. How did Audioplug start out? Which musicians are involved?

Audioplug started making music in 2002 and their line-up consists of Dimitris N. (keyboards, vocals), Elsa P. (keyboarsa, backing vocals) and Rafael K. (keyboards). All the three of us have previous participations in other bands with a varied musical background from trance to aggressive metal and pop. However, all these years we gained a lot of experience which helped us in this new beginning.

DH: Why did you choose the name Audioplug? What do you want to express with the name?

Audioplug is a clear, straight name that everybody can make his own interpretation on it. That was the reason we chose a combination of two modern, technical terms such as audio and plug which are very familiar to those that are involved in music making. Also, it expresses the way we procced our songs using a combination between hardware (audio) and software (plu-ins).

DH: Your music seems to me as combining different styles like Electro, Industrial and Futurepop. Can you describe your music style in your own words?

It is very hard to find a standard label for our music. Definatelly, we are influenced from all these styles you mentioned but our aim is to make all the arrangements with a fresh and modern perspective especially in the field of rythm section. In this part it is obvious that we use a lot of techno rythms and trancey basses for example. The overall feeling it remains dark and emotional and thatís our main purpose.

DH: Your new album is called "X-Posed". Can you tell us something about the release. Where did you record the album and how long did it take to record it?

The debut album was recorded in our studio from January to October 2003. We used a combination of hardware and software but our favourite piece is definatelly Logic Audio.

DH: On the album there is a song called "United We Stand". What is the song about?

United we stand is refered to friendship and how a true friend can help you in a hard period in your life. Also, expresses the common dreams and hopes of a brotherhood. I must admitt that I wrote this track in a very difficult period in my life and it is one of my favourite in this album.

DH: Tell us something about the process writing a song. How do create a song ? Are there any influences that give you ideas to write a song?

There is no standard way in music writing. But we write all the music first and then start the lyrics. Any influence can be used and analysed with a critical view. Feelings and human relations is the main source of ideas regarding the lyrics. Considering our musical influences I can mention some bands such us Covenant, Dark Soho, X-Dream, Fleetwood Mac, Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost, Apoptygma Berzerk etc.

DH: How important is your work as musicians for yourselves?

I can talk about that only for my part cause Iím totally involved into music making and production, working for my bands and for other productions. It is way of expression and creation for me and Iím trying to get better day by day.

DH: You are from Greek. How does the electro scene look like there? Are there many electro bands in Greek? Are there any discos where electro music is being played?

In Greece the scene is growing up but it remains really small at the moment. There are a few excellent bands such as Ivory Frequency, Siva Six, Iambia etc. which have something new to present. Of course there some other groups coming forward from the underground with new ideas and Iím sure they are going to live their mark in the scene. Regarding the clubs we have a lot of them especially in Athens (dark sun, dadaist, odd etc.) and Thessaloniki (x-club, silver dollar etc). Live shows are taking place almost everymonth but I must admitt that the audience is not joining these attempts.

DH: Are you planning to play live in Germany? Which further plans do you have with Audioplug?

For the moment we donít have any propositions to play in Germany but is one of our main goals to reach all the German fans. Our future plans is to give as many gigs as we can and do whatever we could do to make audioplug better.

DH: Thank you so much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck for the future. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

We thank you for this interview and for the possibility you gived us to present our selves to the German audience. We promise weíll keep the hard working.

Interview: Andreas Ohle