Alien Produkt

(c) FSJC 2005

DH: First, tell us something about your development as musicians. How long does Alien Produkt exist and when and how did you meet?

Alien Produkt was created in 1997, when one of its members, Ricardo Alien, who presently conducts a radio broadcasting dedicated to electro-ebm called “La Trashnoche”, decided to apply his musical likes to create a musical project called Alien Produkt. We have passed through several stages until we got to “Revenge”, in which we feel we have found “the sound” that represents Alien Produkt. The first stage was kinda experimental with strong influence from EBM and Pop, it was a deep search in oneself.

DH: The name "Alien Produkt" sounds to me very cool. How did you get the idea for the name of the group? What do you want to express with the name?

The name Alien Produkt came up in 1997 at a telecommunications devices workshop that we had at that time, and we called it “the alien base”, then all that was produced in there was called an “alien produkt”, until one day we set up an air compressor, a rythm box, a synthesizer and a distorted voice bubbling any word, and a musical theme came out from that, so we thought ‘why not making music?’. We used the letter ‘k’ in ‘produkt’ in part as a way of remembering that golden age of EBM when Nitzer Ebb introduced its Nitzerebbprodukt , , besides the letter “k” makes the word itself sound stronger.

DH: Your music is purely dark and aggressive electro. Why did you decide to make such music? Is this aggression something that comes deep from your mind?

“Revenge” undoubtedly reflects and denounces injustice and the most obscure and evil feelings towards mankind proposing a change, an awakening from this asleep mankind – it’s musically more complex, with melodies that take us to reflection in contrast to powerful rythmic bases, aggresive sound and rough voices.

(c) FSJC 2005

DH: Which roots in a musical sense do you have? Are you an electro or an industrial band?

Mainly we make music , really we don’t consider us an Industrial band , but in some tracks we use some industrial sounds. We like EBM , like Hardbeat propaganda say : “The sound of Power Electro” , we like this!! jaja! But always any melodies that raise into musical landscapes…and get a moment for reflections

DH: Your new CD is called "Revenge". Tell us something about the CD. Where did you record the album? Had there been a special dark atmosphere when recording it?

Revenge takes us through different situations and moods. Oddysey of fate – it’s a message of hope and courage to be able to maintain his convictions from day to day. Artificial Intelligence – it reflects the technological evolution that leaves the human part behind in order to create a superior entity that would control the world. Star Counterfeit Totem – it denotes the hypocrisy of some religions and the show made around that. Detestable Envy – it reflects the ruin and destruction by the ambition of some politicians. Into the Abyss – it’s a trip into the deepest part of the human being. This would be a short description regarding the messages in our lyrics. Musically, base lines and strong percusions prevail. We recorded this album at our AlienLab with special attention to the quality and balance of sounds Alien Produkt sound like we want to sound ! Powerful!!

DH: Is this your first release or had there been other releases in the past? How did you get the deal with your label BLC Productions / Metropolis / E-Noxe?

Well , this is the first official release for us , Alien Produkt has evolutioned since its beginning, We feel the need to spread our project over the world , for this , we sended some demos to different record labels and maked a choice with BLC that believed in us since the beginning , we are very proud to belong this label! His president Brandon L. Clark Is a very good person and we thank him for all the effort that makes day by day in the promotion of our material.

(c) FSJC 2005

DH: A lot of songs on the CD are very dark and apocalyptic. Is this a reflection of your lives and of the society in which you are living? Do you want to provoke with your music?

Our songs are more representative of all mankind in general with its misery, envy, hatred, betrayal, defamation, and the most obscure feelings and attitudes, but with an encouraging message of hope to try to wake this asleep mankind before it’s too late…

DH: My favourite song on your CD is "Oddyssey Of Fate". In which circumstances did you record the song? Are there any experiences that influenced you when recording this song?

Oddysey of fate – it’s a message of hope and courage to be able to maintain his convictions from day to day… “Through this oddysey of fate Finally well find a way And know it’s never too late To try it again every day” “We must have strong convictions That forever can last And destroy all the bastard fictions Now the future is alive And gives welcome to our resistente”

DH: Where do get the ideas for your songs? How do you create in general a song?

Everything’s got to do, the personal experience, the different stages, initially the search of the inner self, the extraterrestrial life inspired by personal research, presently the need of “shaking” conciousness and asleep minds, denouncing the human miseries around us everyday. This is our “Revenge”. The song we compose it on the basis of the letter major of the times, We all contribute ideas, or some times a melody comes to mind. Some subjects however arise from the mind from some from the members, which brings all the concepts of the subject, including the lyrics, but in fact we do not have a pre-established method, we love to experiment with sounds, to generate powerful bases of sonorous quality, this is one of the primary targets of Alien Produkt.

(c) FSJC 2005

DH: How important is it for a band like Alien Produkt that your songs can be played in a club? Are you making music for the dancefloor?

We like to dance with the sound of Alien Produkt and like the people dance too! But not make music only for the danceflor You can enjoy listening Alien Produkt at your home or at the club

DH: Loregore, you are the female singer of Alien Produkt. What do you think about the new album? Are you looking forward to present "Revenge" live on stage? Is this a special challenge for you?

I like the stage , I like the people This album is awesome , a dream become reality for me The feedback with the people is very important for me , I very enjoy with this!

DH: Which further plans do you have with Alien Produkt in the near future?

We hope to reach more people with our music, featuring festivals, being part of the present electro-scene. We thank our fans as ever, who have supported us form the beginning

DH: Thank you very much for answering our questions. We wish you good luck and much success. . Your final words please:

No retreat and No surrender
Here is the future , the time is now
Long life to EBM

Interview: Andreas Ohle